Linear or Rotary electric shaver? (For men)

My last shaver, a linear shaver from Braun, has given up the ghost.

It gave me good service for several years and overall I was pleased with it.

However, since I am in the market for a new shaver I was eyeballing the rotary shavers as a possible alternative.

So, asking for opinions. While this is for daily shaving of a male face if women have something to add feel free (e.g. your husband/boyfriend/dad really likes his “X” razor…not sure how they work on shaving legs is relevant for me ;-)).

I had a Braun for some years; worked great until the battery died. Hoping that the battery might be less of an issue, I made my next razor a Norelco. My assessment: rotary shavers suck. They require that you pass the shaver over your face in a circular pattern in order to cut all the hairs that grow in different directions, and this is difficult to do on a face with angles and prominences. My Braun was a lot more efficient, and the replacement blades are cheaper.

I have never used a linear shaver so I can’t say which kind is better. However, I have read somewhere that if you started with a linear shaver, stick to that kind and the same for rotary shavers. Don’t ask me why it would be so, but I assume it has something to do with what your skin is accustomed to.

I started off with rotary shavers and it would wreak havoc on my skin, to the point where I made the decision to switch over to wet shaving…a few years later for whatever reason I bought a Braun and I love it…much smoother shave then the rotary shaver could get and my skin no longer looked as if I raked it (slight exaggeration)

I hate rotary shavers. They kill my face.

I have both a rotary and a foil shaver, and I much prefer the foil.
I had a Braun Synchro for a number of years, till the battery finally stopped holding a charge. A few months ago, I got a new Braun Series 7, and love it.

I have used a Braun linear/foil shaver for years. When my first one died- I’d say after 10 years or so- I bought a 2nd one, I don’t know which model, and it’s still going strong.

I only use it every other day though, as I alternate with a disposable razor in the shower. Disposable gives a closer shave but I can’t use it every day b/c my face gets too irritated.

I’ve replaced the cutting head & foil a couple times. Pretty happy with it.

Yeah, ages ago I used a rotary shaver and vaguely recall I did not like it. Still, times change and technology marches on so I figured it was worth asking for opinions.

Thanks for the tips.

Use a blade. Electric shavers suck. You cannot get a close shave with an electric razor.

That’s probably true if your face can tolerate it, but I used electrics in my teen years and then tried going to a blade in my early '20s – I looked like a burn victim. I suppose I could have kept at it to hone my technique and toughen my skin, but I didn’t feel I needed the aggravation (much less having to perform such a sensitive exercise in the hour every morning between when I got out of bed and when I actually woke up).

I tried both linears and rotaries early on, and agree with the apparent majority above that rotaries are inferior – whiskers seem to hide out more readily against rotaries in contours of the face.

I used Remingtons and other less expensive linear models for some years, before deciding that the few extra bucks for a Braun was worth it for closeness, and it lasted much longer too.

I’ve only used a rotary shaver so I can’t pass judgment on the straight type but I didn’t like the rotary. My preference is the powered Gillette M3. Haven’t seen a need to upgrade it to the fancier version.

I have used both and much prefer the Rotaries I’ve had. However after reading this poll, I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t try a high end Linear.

I think part of the problem with the Rotaries is that no matter how well the heads float, they do a poor job of tracking the contours of one’s face, and require a great deal more work then a good foil shaver.

I find that the Braun I have gives me almost the same quality of a shave as I can get with a razor and soap. I do still use a razor and soap, but only if I really need a good shave. Other then that, a couple minutes in the morning with the foil does the job fine.

I will admit, that the self-cleaning electrics are much much better then the manual clean ones, even if you don’t run them through the cycle daily (I generally go 3 to 5 days between cleaning cycles).

For any electric, keeping the head/cutter area clean and lightly lubricated makes a tremendous difference in the quality of the shave.

The first electric shaver I had was a Norelco rotary shaver, and I didn’t know any better so I used it until it died. Then I got a Braun and the difference was night and day. The Braun was faster, closer, easier to clean, better in every possible way. Then that died suddenly one morning and I had to run to CVS for some disposable razors and realized how much better I liked doing it the old-fashioned way.

I have a Norelco rotary shaver. It’s awful. However, it was a Christmas gift from my mother and she spent a ton on it ($200+) so I felt like I have to keep using it.

I’m going to use one of our wedding-gift Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards to get a nice Braun self-cleaning linear one, though.

I have little facial hair, but can’t get even that off with an electric shaver, no matter how many passes from various directions I make. So I only use a razor, which kinda sucks. Never tried the really high-end shavers, though; don’t want to shell that kind of cash for nothing, WCS.

Does frequency matter? I generally shave every two to three weeks or so.

I’ve yet to find a suitable means of shaving. Regular razors invariably wreak havoc on my skin and lead to ingrown hairs, so I use a small set of electric clippers to shave. A foil electric gets most of what’s left, but I still have perpetual stubble.