I searched and found raves (bricker, et al), but no word on the best way to cook it for breakfast. I saw one method online that said to skin it, split it, cut the halves into chunks then fry it slowly for 30-40 minutes. Sounds okay to me, but I’m hoping some doper will share how its* sainted Portuguese Mother would prepare it for breakfast.
There’s a lot of linguica eaten around here, but I’ve never had the pleasure. And I’m too old and impatient to experiment. I have Silva brand.
*(I’m on a mission to never again use “his/her” or “their” for the gender neutral form.)

I just had some on my pizza. But here’s how I used linguiça when I cooked it at home:

  1. Start with the linguiça.
  2. Wrap it in sausage.
  3. Wrap it in ham.
  4. Wrap it in ground pork.
  5. Wrap it in bacon.
  6. Shape it like a pig.
  7. Bake it in the oven.
  8. Slice it up and eat it.


That’s awesome. I hereby declare that in my kingdom, all linguica will be consumed inside all those layers of pig. Soouieeee!

That is not awesome. That is evil. Bad bad bad piggy!

Are you calling me evil?

I think he’s calling you piggy! As in Bad! Bad!

I showed my son, he wants that piggy-fest for his breakfast.

I’m calling your cholesterol bomb, make me die creation evil. :eek:

No, I’m replying directly to your post.
You can’t make a diamond out of a sow’s, uh, flesh.
I refuse to be tempted. I shall remain strong. Poached egg and dry wheat toast for me. :smiley:

Fry up some bacon. Dice a potato and chop some onion and fry them in the grease. Season with salt and pepper. Chop up the bacon and mix it in when the potatoes are done.

Then crack a couple of eggs over the top, cover, and let them ‘poach’ until the whites are set and the yolks are still runny. Eat with Tabasco.

Not that that helps with the linguiça, but it’s a good way to eat eggs. :wink:

I wanna be Portuguese (called “Portagee”, around here), but nobody will help me.
I’ll ask Bob at work on Monday. Bob likes me. We’re gonna share some blunts when we retire. Smoke blunts and munch linguica with eggs. Maybe some of that evil thing upthread.

I already ate my last potato. I fried it up and put it in a sandwich with an egg and mayo. Mmmm!

I cannot offer up any help, mangeorge, with the linguiça breakfast bit, but my ex-wife, who was roughly half-Portagee(s) (sometimes the ‘s’ is there, sometimes only half heard :D) used to make the most AWESOME stuffed crescent dough “lasagna” using linguiça mixed with ground beef (and lots of cheese!) as the filler. OMG. Heaven inside a pastry!

We return you now to your effort to learn what to do with Portuguese sausage in the morning. :smiley:

My mother’s side is mostly Portuguese and all we do is first brown it in a pan, then steam it for a little bit to make sure it is heated through. One of my favorite things ever!

How a Portuguese cook would likely cook linguica:

First salt it heavily and boil it. Then fry it. Then cut it up and deep fry it. Salt it again. Put the now soggy sausage in a bowl. Add salt. Add a half pound of bacalhao (salted cod that has been soaked to remove the salt) and sliced potatoes that have been boiled, fried and salted. Add more salt to make up for the removal of the salt from the cod. Add a pint of cream. Bake for two hours at high heat. Remove and serve immediately. Salt to taste.

-Chefguy, who took cooking classes in Lisbon from a Portuguese chef
Man, those people know how to ruin food. . .

Thank you for that, Chefguy. I should have had breakfast before reading this. :eek:

I might try that after I recover from reading Chefguy’s reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

They mean well, but they need to stick to bread, cheese and wine, which they do perfectly. In two years living in Lisbon, I had probably two decent meals in local restaurants, and one of those was Italian. That said, a lot of people really like bacalhao. They’re demented, of course.

I’ve had a salted cod in a dish with potatoes and onions etc many years ago at a Norwegian friend’s house. The family kids slyly watched me, barely supressing giggles, as I tasted it. I took a big bite, sat back in my chair and rubbed my tummy, and fell over onto the floor. Gales of laughter all around as the mom brought out an excellent meat loaf and removed the cod. It was saved for grampa, the only one who actually ate the stuff.

In case there is any doubt, here is a recipe for bacalhao com natas, which sounds similar to what you tasted. Just reading that brings back bad memories.