Linguistic question: What is the white parallel to an "Oreo Cookie"?

By “Oreo cookie”, I mean a person who is black, but is seen by other black people as a collaborator with white authority. As in I once had a black co-worker call a black manager an “Oreo cookie”, meaning while his skin was black, he was even worse than the honky managers. Is there a term in the language that applies to the reverse for a white person?

(And I do mean someone who is white who actually is prejudiced against blacks. I’ve known a lot of black people who if I was blind I never would have noticed. Since they grew up in a predominately white area, they socially were indistinguishable from the local white folks. I’m asking here about someone who is white on the outside, yet is black in their heart.)

Who actually is prejudiced against blacks? That part throws me right off.

In response to the thread title (as opposed to the OP), I’m not aware of a non-pejorative term. “W(h)igger” is in the ballpark, I suppose.

More generally: if an especially prejudiced person is chiding a white person for supposed “black traits” such as sloth, insolence, lack of personal accountability, and inability to maintain employment, the general term “white trash” is often thrown out.

Wigga is the term that comes to mind.

Somewhat related, a banana or a twinkie is the same term for a person who is Asian looking, but white on the inside. I guess it’s hard to think of many things that are white on the outside and colorful on the inside.

I’ve heard the term reverse oreo used.

So, you’re really looking for a term for white people who are prejudiced against black people?

Sad to say, the closest thing I can come up with is “Racist”–if somebody in the media starts talking about racist attitudes, my assumption until I hear otherwise is that he’s talking about white people who are prejudiced vs. black people. Guess that means I’m prejudiced.

However, you did remind me of a standup comedian I saw once: “Hi, I’m from Connecticut. Yep, this is what we all look like–a white guy on the outside with a white guy struggling to get out.”

Oh dear. I wrote that wrong. I meant a white person who is prejudiced against other whites.

White suburban teens?

Alternately, danville (definition 2)

Hmmm… A Hostess Sno-ball? Unstirred yogurt?

I think I see the problem now.

E. L. Fudge?


Bah! Never mind. I just realized hydrox are chocolate cookies and white filling, too. And here I thought I was being wickedly clever…

You’d think history would have convinced me otherwise by now.

Maybe “Uh-oh! Oreos”?

The most clever term I’ve heard is “white chocolate”, but it’s not used often.

The only thing I can think of is a Zero bar…not that that’s slang for anything that I know of.

Idonno…a Milano?

I can’t think of one. “Wiggas” implies white kids posing. They aren’t really Black, in or out.

It’s interesting. Blackness seems to be a quality. White folks can’t have it, no matter what. Black folks can lose it, if thet aren’t careful.

White on the outside, coloured inside …

Egg ?

“Gone Native” would be used of a European who accepted and joined a non-Westernised society.

The answer is milk toast.

White on the outside, coloured inside …

Egg ?

“Gone Native” would be used of a European who accepted and joined a non-Westernised society.

Sort of related to the thread: an Ojibway-speaking coworker of mine recently told me of a derogative description that exists in that language. Is uses the same word for ‘apple’.

(Red on the outside, white on the inside)
I don’t know about the reverse oreo thing, though.