Link that you absolutely can't see is a video

I just wanted to point this post out:

The “6th Sense” makes your iPhone/Blackberry look like an old shoe. Techies must see.

We have threads here all the time where people bitch about being asked to warn us it’s a video, and invariably 20 people come in and and say “just mouse over and you’ll see it’s a video”.

Well, I don’t want to pick on **newcrasher **at all, but there is definitely a link that you can’t see is a video. I always mouseover, and did so for this one, too:

There is no way to know it’s a video. I don’t know anything about, so I don’t even know if it’s always videos. And that’s why we ask you to do it - because everything seemingly leads to a video now, even a valid news site (instead of an article.)

Whenever anyone asks me for an example I can never put my fingers on it at that moment, so here is the example.

Yeah, don’t pick on newcrasher because that post tells you to “[w]atch” that link, which makes it pretty clear that it is a video.

Still, I can understand that (a) someone might have missed that, as it could have been less subtle, and that (b) a different poster might throw up a similar link without even that subtle distinction.

So, anyways, how do you propose we make it clear? The two obvious answers I can think of are (a) use a link (not a URL) that includes the word video and (b) put the word video in parentheses afterwards if you use a URL. Thus, to make newcrasher’s post more clear:



Simply using the word video in relation to the link in some fashion is sufficient. The word “watch” is not. It’s a bit too subtle.

That’s all we ask. I want to watch the videos, really, but I don’t want to be caught out at work, watching videos, plus the streaming bogs my whole computer down over Citrix, and then U am stuck with this frozen video screen on my screen, and I can’t navigate away from it or close it for several seconds.

But really I wasn’t picking on newcrasher, and I have seen it in links before that just say something like “Check this out!” with no indication at all that it is a video.

Mainly I just wanted to point out that mouseover doesn’t always work!