Linking to a specific Reply in a Thread and keeping the whole Thread too

O.K. I can link to another Thread.

I also know how to bring up a “View Single Post” window and link to that.

But then I see some other poster do a really cool dealio where they link to a Thread so’s you can read the whole Thread BUT the post that comes up is the post referenced for the link. I’m in Thread A talking about what Go You Big Red Fire Engine said in in Reply 12 of Thread B, I post a link to Thread B and Go You Big Red Fire Engine’s Reply 12 is right there at the top of the screen, YET I can still scroll up and down to see the rest of the Thread to understand the post in context.

I want to know how to work this magic. How’s a guy do it?

Like this.

Also, if you link to a single post the new way, like this:
…there is still a link to the rest of the thread in the upper right hand corner of the page. Didn’t know if you had noticed it or not.

  1. Get the post number. Hover over the reply or single-quote button and either 1) read it from the url displayed at the bottom of the browser window, or 2) right-click and select “copy shortcut”, then paste the url somewhere and extract the post number.

  2. code this: [post=postnumber]your comment here[/post]

The “post=” code became available with the version of vB we now have. More info via the vB FAQ link at the bottom of the page