Linking to indivudual posts - could we have a button?

I know you don’t make changes here too often, but I was wondering if you’d consider adding a “link” button to allow us to easily link to individual posts. It’s fairly simple to do, actually. Just a little addition to the postbit template. Then you can just click it (or right-click and copy the target addy) and you’ve got your post-specific link.

Here’s how I did it on my site (it’s vBulletin 3, but I think the same will work for 2.x.x):

<a class="smallfont" href="showthread.php?p=$post[postid]#post$post[postid]">Link</a> 

Of course that “Link” could be replaced by an image to make it match up well with the edit and quote buttons.

Anyway, just a friendly suggestion. Thanks!

They don’t mess with the VB code 'round these here parts.

I’m confident they won’t implement this change on the SDMB, but I thank you Slacker for the idea. I’m going to implement it on my vB version 3.0 installation here at work.