Linking to specific posts in threads

Recently, I wanted to do something that I’m SURE I’ve seen done before but now I can’t find where, or how they did it.

That is, post with a URL that links straight to a particular post of interest in another SDMB thread (rather than just the top of the page)

How do you do that?

Like this.

Quote this post if you want to see the coding. You can get a post’s postid by hovering over the ‘quote’ button under it if you’re using IE. There are other ways to do it that have been covered in ATMB before but I don’t remember them as I don’t use them. Feel free to use search to find threads discussing this.

And here’s a link to the specific post in that specific thread. I’m saving you the search time, because White Lightning posted before I could type in the link.

Good teamwork, Wisest Novel.

How’s that for speedy, helpful service, Aspidistra?

By the way, welcome to the board.

Thankyou! I am vastly impressed with your speed and efficiency!

::bows in awe::

Now I just need to find another thread I want to use it in before I forget how to do it…

You know, for some reason, I can never remember it either (not that it’s particularly complex). That’s why Quickdraw McLightning was able to whip me. :slight_smile: So what I did this time was save the link into my IE favorites. Next time I need it, I can c&p it from the link properties, and just change the post number. Maybe it’d work for you, too.

And welcome to SDMB!

Oops–I gotta clean these glasses. Aspididstra’s not new, (s)he’s just not a blabbermouth like some of us.

I added this to the FAQ on technical issues (see the post that talks about vB coding.)

Correction: see the post titled “tips for vBulletin specific links”.