Linking to SDMB?

I couldn’t find any rules against referring people on other boards to a particular SDMB thread, but I’m asking here just to be sure before doing so.

Sure, tell everybody! :slight_smile:

Please make sure they can spell and use punctuation. :wink:

Why should they be different from anybody else?

I kid, I kid.

And aren’t militant nazis.

Grammar nazis are ok, though–we need more prescriptivist / descriptivist debates.

Great…now word will get out that we’ve been appointing new (and newer) mods…
Everyone will want to be one!


Hippie nazis are acceptable, though.

Oh, cool! All my friends at the Declawed Cat Owners Against Tipping Forum will be overjoyed!

Do they keep their shoes on in the house?

Er…we kind of have a rule against discussing that topic at the DCOATF, ever since the Great Meltdown and Mass Bannings of '09.

Make sure they can pronounce Tijuana.

Very funny everyone, but I’d thought at one time at least there were restrictions on linking to the SDMB, something about avoiding pointing spam bots to the board.

You may be thinking about our restrictions against inciting board wars, or bringing problems here from other boards.

We have no problem with pointing people at interesting content or encouraging newbies to visit, just so you’re not encouraging them to come over and “pile on” in a debate.