Links and adult orientated imagery

The general rule is that you don’t link to such material but that a link to a link (containing adult material) is okay – the two-click rule, if you will.

I can see one obvious scenario when this general rule is, presumably, amended eg. when the link in question leads to, say, a porno site but there is no adult material on that particular page - that direct link not being acceptable. Okay.

But how about linking to a page on a non-adult site and accompanying your link with directional assistance: (something like) ‘Go here and then click on link ‘x’ – warning; second link is a tad saucy’ ?

I ask because, IMHO, my thread in the Pit benefited by some measure from the contextual illustration (a link) supplied by another poster. The link was later deleted - as per general policy - and I’d rather like to have it back. Would this methodology be acceptable ?
– ‘context’ and ‘adult’ always reminds me of actresses describing when they’ll get their kit off. Bless 'em…

How about
a) Describing in your own words what is at that link?
b) Asking posters to e-mail you if they are that interested in seeing what is at that link?

a) I did do just that.(in the thread) on the assumption it would be okay given the descriptive nature of some board content elsewhere.

b) A reasonable suggestion!
I guess deleting the link jarred a little because the visual aspect was integral to the question at hand but, equally, I can see it would be very difficult to establish a consistent ‘it is/it isn’t in context’ line.

I thang yew, Arnold.