Links- how do you put them in your own words?

What I mean is, I see links where a part of a poster’s sentence is obviously a URL link, but it isn’t in URL code. How do you code it so that you can say a sentence like "not according to the NFL, for instance, but the word “NFL” is a link that will take the viewer to a cited piece of material?

I know I can paste in URL’s which will be displayed as links, I just don’t know how to “rename” a link as something in the context of the rest of a sentence.

It’s just a matter of using whatever text you want between the “[url=” and the “” tags. That’s why they’re that way; so you can put whatever description you want. I’ve seen at least these types of things in that slot:

  1. the full URL itself
  2. a one-word “link” or “site” or “here”
  3. “click here”
  4. the title of the website
  5. some random text
  6. a long stretch of descriptive words

That help?

Well, let’s see… if I say to gohere to get the news, I’m just testing to see how it displays…

Thanks, Zeldar–

Sure thing, ammo52. There was a thread not too long ago (in The Pit as I recall) where every word was linked to a different thread. Must have taken a very long time to compose, but it was quite effective.

Also, if you click on “quote” at the bottom of someone’s post, you can see all the coding they did.

By typing in:
[u****rl=]Linkity link

you get:
Linkity link.