Links in to make full-size?

I’ve done a Google search, and I’ve done a search here…no luck.

My question: When I receive a link to a web page in an e-mail, how do I make that link open up in a full-screen window? As a history, this USED to work on my computer until I took it in for service (to replace the power supply). When I got it back, links (ie the SDMB) open up in small windows instead of full-screen.

Thus, I know it can be done, but after many hours of searching through Windows and IE menus I cannot find the place that will let this happen…

Yes, it is just one more click for me to “maximize” every link, but…it’s EVERY link! Where oh where is the control for this located?

Well, I hope it’s fixed in XP. I’m running Win 98 and it’s a known problem that won’t/can’t be completely fixed by MS.

I can only suggest that you search the KB and, if you can’t find a solution, that you email MS tech support. They really should have fixed this by now (and I don’t mean the right-click patch that they brought out).

Try making your browser window full size, without using the maximise button. Drag it out to full size.
Then use File, Exit or File, Close.
The next time you open a browser it ‘should’ open full size.

should, but doesn’t. It will make a new IE window launch full screen, but a link will still need to be maximized. My links are nearly full screen but I still need to maximize it juuuust that much.

Caught@Work that did it…thank you. Windows’ “memory” of how you had the window sized last time drives how it opens up for new windows…except that it doesn’t remember “maximize”. Typical. And I’ve stretched it out far enough that I can’t tell that it isn’t really maximized.

If you have been scouring through all these menus, then you probably have already run across this, but try it anyway.

Open up Internet Explorer. Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab.

Here you will see a whole list of registry-style options to choose from. One of them, I know, is paraphrased as, “Open all links maximized.” Make sure there is a check mark in that box and hit OK.

This should, from now on, maximize a link every time you click on it to open it up.

Do you have a 3-button mouse ? If so, download software from Logitech and program your middle mouse button (or scroll button) to work as the “Maximize Window” command. It’s a whole lot easier and faster than clicking on Maximize for each and every window.

Thanks for the info. Works like a charm.

However there’s no need to download any extra Logitech software. If you’re using a MS mouse or trackball the most recent versions of their software supports this as well.