Internet explorer question

This drives me crazy.

No matter what I do, I cannot right click a link, pick “open in new window”, and have that new window maximized.

I know how to customize it to whatever size I want, but it won’t be maximized.

So if I’m reading GQ, for example, and open 10 threads at once (so they can load while I’m reading), I have to go back and maximize all 10. (I hate reading web pages in a non-maximized window).

Is there any way I can remedy this problem and have new windows open maximized?

(I’m using win2k and IE 5.0, and I’ll upgrade IE if that fixes it…)

Try this:

  1. Maximize all of your IE windows.
  2. Close all of your IE windows.

Each new IE window you open, including ones opened using “right-click, Open in New Window”, will be maximized by default. When you close the last IE window, it remembers the “state” it was in (maximized or not, as well as the width and height of the window). New IE windows will be opened in that same state.


Tried it. Doesn’t work.

When I do that, if I open an IE window from scratch (ie by launching the exe file), it is maximized. If I go to file->new->window, it will be maximized. But if I do a right click->open in new window, it will be at whatever, um, “restored” (minimize, maximize, restore are the options, what do you call a window that isn’t minimized or maximized?) dimensions it uses.

Got this from a previous thread on SDMB…

  1. Start IE5 as normal.

  2. Right-Click any URL and select “Open in a New Window”, allowing the second smaller-sized window (the one you’d like to have maximized) to open.

  3. Go back to the first IE5 window you opened and close only it. Very Important that you do this step, otherwise this solution does not work.

  4. Return to the second, smaller-sized window and manually drag it to the size you’d like (Don’t use the maximize button!!). If you want the size to be maximized, drag it to fill the screen.

  5. Close this second window, using the close box.

At this point, you should have no IE5 windows open. Anytime you again start IE5, right-click a URL, select “open in a new window”, your second and all subsequent IE5 windows opened in this manner will open maximized (assuming that’s how you sized your window in step 4.

Hopefully solves your problem:)

Re my previous post

Here is a link to the forum that I got the info from.

The reason the above solution works, is because Internet Explorer stores the previous size of a ‘sized’, non-maximised window. (The size your window is if you press the restore button.)

So while the previous soloution works, whenever you try to restore a window, it will remain full screen.

On a related note you can maximise a window by double clicking on the title bar.