How do I get new IE windows to appear maximized?

This is driving me nuts.

Some ad popup a few days ago decided to try and hide its shenanigans by coming up in as small a new browser window as possible (not Minimized but as if you dragged the corners of the browser window into it smallest possible size).

Now everytime I click on something that spawns a new window or ask IE to open a link in a new window it always comes up as the teeniest size possible.

I have tried manually resizing the window and maximizing it and while that makes the window normal sized the next time I do it I am back to the teeny window.

So, where can I go tell Internet Explorer to make new windows full sized everytime a new one opens?

Stretch the window to the maximum size by dragging the corners, right click on the corresponding button in the task bar, and click “Close”. Do not close the window by clicking the “X” in the upper right corner; this will not save the window size as the default.

That did not work. :frowning:

Maximize the window. Hold down the ctrl button while clicking the X in the upper right corner.

Scratch that. It did work. I had maximized the window instead of manually resizing it (as you did tell me to do) and it worked.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You are velcome!

So why isn’t there away to make it show up maximized. Actually I guess sometimes it does, but often (but not always) second and third instances won’t be maximized. Ugh. The way my UI is setup, it makes a difference to me if it’s maximized are at it’s biggest manual size. For one, when it’s at it’s biggest manual size my favorites menu scrolls (I HATE that), but when it’s maximized that last one fits and it doesn’t scroll. It seems like SUCH an easy fix, just some settings somewhere
-First instance maximized (as opposed to most recent size I guess)
-Spawned instances maximzed (as in clicking a link and having a new window)
-Second, third…instances maximized (actually opening a new browser from the start menu (or where ever you open it from)

A simple check box for each one would eliminate alot of headaches. And give virus and worm writters another thing to mess with and piss people off.