Links on touchscreens

Is there any way to find out where a link goes before clicking it on a touchscreen device? Sometimes people unexpectedly link to YouTube videos and I don’t want my phone randomly blaring out sound.

On my phone, android, if I touch and hold the link an options box pops up with the link and options on what I would like to do with it.

An iPhone (or other iOS device) will also preview a link if you tap and hold on the link for a bit rather than doing a quick tap. I do believe that it’s also loading the destination too, at least if it’s a web page, so if you want to preview before visiting this won’t work; you’re visiting the page although it’s in its own window/tab/whatever.

I hadn’t thought of using that to peek at the URL, thanks. Now I just have to remember to do it!

What I really want is for my phone to ask me to confirm before opening a link in the YouTube app - “Are you sure you want to play loud noises in the waiting room/quiet carriage/by the sleeping baby?” - but that is probably impossible.

It can ask you–but only VERY LOUDLY. :slightly_smiling_face: