Lion vs. Bear - who is superior?

If we could put one (1) adult lion, of average weight and height, in a deathmatch against one (1) adult Grizzly Bear, being of average weight and height, which one of these animals would survive and who would perish?

Griz would win.

Well, since Detroit hasn’t even gotten to the SuperBowl (certainly in recent memory) and the Bears, have, I don’t think there’s any question as to over all superiority.


Would it make a difference if it was a Black Bear?

Wasn’t this a sketch on Conan O’brien or Mr. Show or something?


I don’t know but it should be!
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The reason why I am asking is that today a co worker actually asked me (:confused:) as a serious inquiry (for reasons unknown) and the I keep going back and forth on my opinion, although deep down inside I think the lion could kick the bears arse!

I just remembered. It was on the Tom Green show. Two guys arguing over who would win, a bear or a lion…and it got really heated even though it was supposed to be a joke.


Didn’t we have about a billion of these threads in the summer of 2000? With almost every pairing of animals immaginable?

Squirrel vs. Chipmunk, who wins?

put my money on the bear! built for power and strength, where the lion is speed and stealth.

just a guess though.

Whoosh, that one is over my head. Griz are black in color, although different of course than what is referred to as a black bear.

I don’t know the answer to the question.

But what struck me as interesting is that we would define the winner in a head to head fight the “superior” species, even though there are plenty of other qualities that determine the survivability of a species.

So, why don’t we just put them in an arena somewhere and see? Anyone have any extra lions or bears anywhere?

I would like to vote for the grizzly bear. However, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and it is my estimation that lions are more aggressive.
The bear is physically larger and certainly more powerful but less aggressive.

I’m talking full growed musk oozing male grranimals.

Lion vs Black Bear - I’ll take the lion.

Lion vs a Grizzer - No contest. A full grown Griz can be 10 feet tall and weigh almost a ton. When they get in a fight their heart rate slows to almost nothing so that they won’t bleed to death. Their skull is thick enough in many places to deflect a freaking rifle shot. Their claws are long and thick enough to shred trees and tundra. It would have a wound or two to lick afterwards but it’ll be eating pu… you know, it would win.

I had to take all sorts of bear behavior and weapons training before working in the bush in Alaska. The stories about the griz would weave the hairs on the back of your neck. I’ve seen scrapes in trees that were impossibly high and huge mounds of tundra pulled up from where they got munks. The claw marks were damn impressive. I can’t imagine any other land creature that would be able to kill one of these brutes on open ground.

What about a pack of 15 full grown wolves against a full grown grizzly?

[Monty Python reference]
What if the grizzly’s got a pointed stick?
[/Monty Python reference]

Didn’t we do something strangely similar to this quite recently?

I think the lion/bear thing might have even been addressed there, as inane and unlikely as that sounds.

I even argued quite extensively in the lion vs. saltwater crocodile debate. I killed the thread.

Yes, I’m embarrassed.

I don’t know. I’d expect a croc(over a ton, hide so tough only hyenas can get through it) a hippo or an elephant(both much larger and with much larger teeth) would kill a grizzly in a fight. Come to think of it a rhino and numerous poisonous snakes could also probably kill a grizzly.(But the snake might no survive.

The weight of the bear is not as important as it may seem, those water buffalo and wildebeest are every bit as heavy as a grizzly, probbaly heavier and are mean as hell, yet lions can and do take them alone.

A swipe from a lion can put holes in the skulls of most animals and is a classic way of working out the size of it on deserted kills since the row of holes correspond to the paw size of the lion.That swipe is capable of causing instant death.

I think a better fight would be a lion vs. a gorilla. So, how 'bout it, lion or gorilla?