What did I say to deserve that? (from the troll crap thread)
If you’ve got nothing better to do, or anything useful to contribute, then just stay away.

Umm, are you talking about the one-line post in the Troll List thread from 10/05? You’ve already had your own whole thread since then. Why are you bringing this up, now, for goodness sake?

What kind of a freakin’ name is that, stevie boy? I don’t know why you got roared at by the Lion, but you probably deserved it.

Here’s a Kleenex brand facial tissue, wipe your sniveling nose. Buck up little camper and get back into the fray.

Please don’t whine here anymore. You are just exposing your jugular to rabid Pit denizens.

I’d normally say “Shut the fuck up and suck it up you piece of shit,” but I’m in a good mood today.

So I won’t…


Thanks to all the people who defended me in that thread that tried to slander me. I was beginning to think that there are more people here that are just interested in bitching and whining than any logical debate.

Reminds me of some grade school pissing contest. Anybody who engages in, and puts that much effort towards this type of worthless post is proving their ignorance.

Get a life

OK we’ll be seeing you then.

You’re on the ball, Einstein it only took you eight days to notice that post.
I suggest that you go back and read your posts from that time period.
(The html links are in mulinators thread “A troll outing…”)
Exposing you was done as a public service, not for your amusement!
If you don’t like what I post,then don’t read it.

you have just been marked as territory.

I am feeling less than guilty for apparently starting the ball rolling in 1420’s departure. Take a gander at his history of posts and it sure seems like there is either a lack of cohesive thought or a sincere need to start an argument of some point. Lion, you are the man.

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#1…nope, all we do is bitch and whine…(me especially :wink: ) so you should toddle along to more intelligent pastures. I say this because:

#2 You ARE engaging in a pissing contest with this whole thread! So I guess YOU are proving YOUR ignorance.

You take all this time to respond to an issue that had totaly disappeared, it was forgotten! But instead of posting something worthwhile, you return for the purpose of what?
Flaming the Lion?
Well, that was a lame flame, and if the only posts from you we see are flames against other posters…that makes you a troll.

Why not just stick to non-inflamatory posts, and begome a regular? Or do you like being a troll…maybe you need the attention, however negative it may be.

Oh, and I didnt see anyone leaping to your defense either…they were flaming the posters who point out the trolls…like you.

The LION wrote:

Um, but I won’t know that I don’t like it until I read it, and … aw, ferget it.

I see we’re back to athletics v. academics again.

While I don’t tend to agree with much of what ol’ 1420 has to say, I should point out that he’s at least reading and posting to topics in all forums.

The Lion came on to defend Lioness from evil, wicked C#3 and has never set foot outside the Pit.

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Lets flame Chris ctp!
Come on…

Oh come on, there must be something to flame her with!

Aw fuck it…she’s fireproof!

Kidding chris :wink: I dont want to flame ya either.

Good point about the lion…but just the same, 1420abc started this thread to flame him, when if he had let it go, he would have just been another familiar poster…this diatribe of his makes him look pretty trollish.
shakes head
He should have just let it die.

To ride on kelli’s back –

Now some feel he should just die.

Chief: You just wanted to say "ride on Kelli’s back. :wink:

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You guys, let me just make it absolutely clear that I do not know him. I really don’t. I swear!

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Dear Chris:
The Lion doesn’t need me to defend me, but just because he only posts in the Pit does not mean he does not read posts in other forums.
I read far more threads than I post in, and I am sure there are many like me.

Pardon my stupidity, people; change that first sentence fragment to The Lion doesn‘t need me to defend him.

Dear Peyote Coyote,
Thank you for pointing that out. The next time I make a factual observation, I’ll be sure to include speculative conclusions as well.

I never said that The LION didn’t lurk in other forums. However, I find it interesting that he’s confident enough to fan flames and call out “trolls”, yet doesn’t offer opinions in the other forums.

I never leapt to 1420’s defense, either. I disagree with pretty much everything he’s said, his posts are quite often difficult to read, and yes, he should have just left this alone.

To be quite honest, I’m not the slightest bit impressed with either of them. Crying “troll” has become a popular game in the last few weeks, though, so I thought my little tidbit might be worth sharing.

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I would like to clear up a couple of things here ok.

#1 - The LION did not first start posting to rescue me from C3, he first started posting because C3 asked me a question about The LION that he took offense to. So he replied to him. I don’t need my husband to fight my battles here.

#2 - The LION has not started any threads of his own anywhere , but he has replyed to several in other forums, ie : Middle Names- MPSIMS, just to name one. So please get the facts straight before you write them

I am not trying to be rude and flame right now , and The LION does not need me to stand up for him. However, the truth is the truth and should be told.

Ayesha - Lioness

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