Lions free kidnapped girl


What a cool story. I’m especially happy to see the word “kidnapped”; the media used to spell it “kidnaped”, which annoyed the heck out of me (much as my putting commas outside of quote marks might annoy you).

That’s almost as bizarre as the story about a crack anti-kidnap squad made up of the British Isles’ finest rugbby players I was expecting from the thread title !

I thought that this was a great story, but this is the part that disturbed me.

It’s sad that stuff like this is still going on in the world.

That is a great story. I particularly like how the lions just walked back into the forest after help arrived - like they knew they were “done”.

But yeah, I didn’t realize the horror of abuction marriages are at 70%. That’s insane.

“They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest,” Wondimu said, adding he did not know whether the lions were male or female."

Maybe he should have asked them for some I.D.?
LOL he was such a keen observer he didn’t notice if the lion’s had a mane or not? I smell a load of BS in this story.

I suspect it much more likely that the police spokesman (Wondimu) at the press conference was not actually on the scene and did not have the information as to the lions’ gender provided to him.

Holy crap, that’s astounding! :eek:
Bet any kidnappers will think twice before trying to take this girl again.

Yes, I’m sure you are right. That policeman wasn’t even there. Which makes him a curious choice to be the one providing the details on this unbelievable story.

Sergeant Wondimu says that ‘everyone thinks this is some kind of miracle.’ Bah, I think claiming a miracle should require just a little proof to back it up. Every report of this story uses nearly identical wording. One ‘reporter’ believes a cock and bull story like this and they all reprint it without a second thought. They might as well wander down to the tavern and report on the tall tales spun by the local drunks.

Lions have been doing good deeds like that for a long time.

Somewhere in the wilds, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Haile Selassie I rest after a good deed done.


Well, it’s not always that easy. It says that Ethiopian lions do tend to have manes, but not all male lions do. These lions are full grown males. They never had manes. The manelessness is one of the many things that makes the lions of Tsavo National Park in Kenya so damn cool.

I love lions. I want to study lions. Tsavo lions!

-Thanks, Tarzan!
-Everybody gets one.

Disney has its next movie plot. :dubious:

Lion King 3–The Kidnap Squad Uncle Scar Returns.

Ok, while waiting for the thread to load, I was thinking about which Lions might have been involved. Joey Harrington and the rest of the offensive skill position players are out – too young, and they’re sufficiently well-known that I’m pretty sure they have no business in Ethiopia. Among the big names, maybe Shaun Rogers (he just seems the type, you know?), but it’ll probably be a disappointing group, like the 3rd string Guard or some practice squad players. Ah, here we are, let’s see. . .

. . . oh, lions lions. That makes more sense. Sort of.

Well you see, two years ago the little girl came across this lion with a thorn in its paw. She pulled the thorn out and the lion returned the favor by bringing his friends to rescue her.