liquid smoke

So I really don’t like the taste of liquid smoke. To me it is very unsavory and artificial tasting. So my question is what is it made of?

NATURAL wooden smoke is made by heating wood under pressure which releases oils and other essences .Some processing and there you have it. Creasote is made by heating wood, usually pine, under pressure.
i don’t hardly never ever use the stuff,I prefer to smoke with smoke. when I have too i make sure it is natural and made of some good smoking wood; hickory,mesquite,apple,pear,oak, pecan (look out walnut can kill you). make sure it is hard wood smoke liquid or the real stuff, other wise it is creasote.
Then you got your artificial stuff .Mad scientist alone know what that is.

Walnut can KILL you? How?

I’ve had oak trees fall on my bbq, but never a walnut. So, yeah. How?

Certain woods have toxic compounds present.
It’s as simple as some plants have poisons as part of their makeup, amd wood is just a plant.
Walnut isn’t the only one, Rosewood also contains toxic componets and a dust mask or respirator is necessary when sanding it.
Rosewood isn’t common? Think guitar fretboards.

Sorry, I don’t know exactly what any of those toxins may be, only that the precautions are necessary.

What he said,
Walnut don’t make a good smokin’ wood.