Liquor + podcast = Success

I’ve noticed that my favorit podcasts, the ones I constantly go back to are all, uh, lubricated by alcohol:

  1. TikiBarTv (.com)
  2. Diggnation (I dunno, check iTunes for the feed)
  3. TheRealHappyHour (.com)

all have been greatly improved upon by making liquor a major part of what they are.

But on TV, you can’t be seen drinking a beer (you can hold one in your hand), and they recast the Drunk on the Andy Griffith as a recovered AA member.

Sigh, just another lawn-jart removal in our litigous society.

TRRH had a GREAT commentary on the Galloping Gourmet, how liquor was a big part of the show, and how Graham Kerr would be visibly affected by the vino by the end of the show.

Ron White’s stage schtick is influenced by the cigar and Whiskey in his act, but nothing else seems to come to mind as entertainment with a cavalier attitude to alcohol. It’s kind of like violent video games: Just because a specific segment of the population has a problem, the rest of society has to do without?

The ban on showing people drinking alcohol in commercials has been in effect since before I was born, I believe. So I can’t really do a fair comparison. But nonetheless, I am definitely of the opinion that censoring alcohol companies like that is silly and unfair. Although I think they’ve done a pretty good job (sometimes) of making ads not seem too awkward, despite the restriction.

Good thing there are places free of such rules, like the internet.