List of handguns legal to purchase in MA

I am interested in buying a handgun, but I am finding Massachusetts’ handgun laws to be extremely confusing. I found this approved firearms list (in .pdf) for guns in Massachusetts. But my understanding is that for a handgun to be legally sold in MA, it is not enough for it to appear on this list; it also has to pass muster with the MA AG. But aside from this extremely long statute detailing the requirements a handgun must satisfy to be legally sold in MA, I am unable to find a definitive list of handguns that are approved by the AG’s office and can legally be purchased in MA. Does anyone know where I might find such a list? It will help me research which gun is (a) right for me and (b) legally available to me. (A definitive list of non-compliant handguns would, of course, also suffice.) Any help?

Contrary to popular belief (even my own sometimes), it is quite possible to own most common handguns in Massachusetts given the relevant levels of red tape. That includes everything from a .22 to a .44 magnum as well as Glock 9 mms. I have read the laws before and it seems like almost everything is allowed and yet everything is banned at the same time.

If you post what you might want, I might know someone that legally owns such a thing in Massachusetts as an example. Otherwise, I would suggest dropping by a Massachusetts gun store (again, there is such a thing) or a shooting range and talking to someone there. The laws are seemingly meant to be confusing although I know many people that have successfully navigated them (I know guns but I don’t even bother here but I know it can be done).

My parents didn’t have any problems with their guns/permits when we moved from NH to MA a while back but if you’re concerned, I’d think you’d have the best luck by talking to someone at a gunshop. How far south of Boston are you? Through google I quickly pulled up stores in Norton, Westport, Seekonk and Taunton. I’m not sure where Westport is, but you can’t get much south-er than the other three.

I’m interested in a double action pocket pistol–something like the Kel-Tec P3AT, which I am told is not Massachusetts compliant. (I found this out on-line and also by asking at a gun store in Brockton, near where I live). The store owner offered to sell me a Seecamp .32, which is nearly twice the price of the Kel-Tec (and I really would prefer a .380).

Not to double-guess your motives, but why do you want something like that? Pistols that are superior in about every category are allowed. The pistols you listed aren’t great at anything. You would be allowed to have much better guns for legal carry. 380’s are “piss someone off” type weapons. What is wrong with a nice 9 mm? I have always gone with a 357 myself but you can’t pocket those although many 9 mm are compact.

Just a recommendation, but have you looked at the Walthers available?

The P99 is a mid-size gun available in 9mm and .40 (I carry the .40)

There is a P99c (compact) available in the same calibers.

Walther just introduced the PPS, which I know is available in 9mm, and is about the size of the old PPK.

Those are bound to be legal in MA because Earl’s (the other official importer of Walther guns, besides Smith & Wesson) sells them there.

Here’s a link to Earl’s, though be advised that his prices are very, very inflated. You can get a much better deal on any Walther pistol from another gun shop or on the web.

These are all superior firearms, btw.

I looked at it–it’s a very nice gun. But it’s kind of stretching the definition of “pocket pistol” since it’s over 6-1/2" long. Also, the price is pretty high. (I don’t have quite that much money to spend, unfortunately.) There are a lot of guns that are 5" long +/- a couple of tenths (Seecamp, Kel-Tec, NAA, etc.). I am interested more in something like that.

My workplace is populated almost exclusively by gun-unfriendly people, so I would rather have something I could carry unobtrusively in my pocket.

Get a Ruger SP101 in .357 Magnum (also compatible with .38 Specials if you’re Magnum-shy)and put a Clipdraw on it.

I carry that exact combination a good bit and I will straight up wear a Ravens jersey all year if you can see it on me. That gives you 5 shots of comfortable concealability.

Can people tell you are wearing it?

My bad, I just realized that I didn’t answer the question.

As others have said, ask other gun owners and gun shop owners. If it’s not legal they certainly can’t sell it.

No. I put a Hogue monogrip on it as well, which is a touch less concealable than the stock grip, and at worst it looks like I have a little bump in my side, which for all anybody knows could be a cell phone or a PDA. It never appears to be a gun.

Most times you can’t tell at all. Of course, I say this with the proviso that I wear large clothing and I always have, so a big T-shirt is normal for me and not at all out of character.