Multiple Handgun Purchase and ATF

I recently got a great deal on two handguns from out of state. When I went to my FFL to pick them up the nice lady behind the counter informed me that since I was making a multiple handun purchase She had to fill out a form and send it to the ATF and local police and that I would forever be on their records. Why is that? and will some men in black come a knockin’ in the middle of the night?

What they’re looking for is “straw buyers.” Some guns that find their way into illegal hands are bought by folks with clean records who funnel dozens of guns to fake-name buyers. Unless you make several more handgun buys, the flag on your file probably won’t raise an eyebrow. You don’t show a location, but some dealers in some states are a flea market for the dirty gun trade. If you’re a clean cat, don’t sweat it.

I kinda figured it had to do with that. it’s the for LIFE thing that got me. also why not start at 3 or more handguns the only reason I bought these two at the same time is the guy needed cash and gave me a great deal if I took both. kinda sucks to be flagged. i wonder if it will affect my future purchases? not that that will be happening anytime soon as this last transaction cleared out my madmoney piggybank, lol. I am in Texas by the way.

2 guns at a time? And you’re in Texas? Won’t even be noticed. Hell, the Feds figure that a Texan who only buys two guns at a time probably just spent too much on beer already that weekend! :smiley:

I kid! I kid! Remember, I’m the guy that, when asked what I would call someone with 3 dozen guns in their house, replied “an amateur.”

I feel your pain, but I’m leery of getting into a Bill of Rights discussion here in General Questions. In Great Debates, there’s probably a gun law debate happening right now.

So, silenus, what’s a “professional” gun owner do? Show them to people for a fee" :wink:
Anyway, if you buy two or more handguns at the same time around here they’ll also notify the authorities. Maybe a little hassle, but those “straw buyers” AskNott referred to do present a problem.
BTW; contrary to popular belief, you can buy guns in California.

well the lady did mention the houston police was getting a copy of my gun purchases as well as state. what they will do what that info is anyones guess.

I would happily bet they will file and forget it. They will probably only see the light of day to complie general statistics or if you shoot someone. :wink:

well it would be pretty expensive to actually shoot one with it. it is a desert eagle .50AE and being as i do not reload, retail bullets run about $1.00 a pop, lol.

Is that round akin to the Model 500 S&W magnum round?
Like this one?
Damn, boy, don’t drop that thing (the bullet) on your foot! :wink: