List of Sarah Palin's media feuds

Compiled by the Atlantic.

I’m not going to post the whole list here. But it’s quite impressive and in addition to the obvious (Letterman, Couric, Joe McGinniss), it also includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and Emily’s List, among many others.

Here’s the link:

Updating the list will be a full time position. So Palin is a job creator.

Can I get a Palin name-check if I say something bad about her?

I was wondering how we could get the SDMB on that list. :smiley:

Maybe she should compile an “Enemies List”. It makes for even greater theater when she eventually destroys herself.

A friend was over for dinner tonight and the topic turned to politics. At some point Geraldine Ferraro was brought up, and I asked my friend if he remembered some of the nasty and ugly names the Republicans made up for her and Walter “Fritz” Mondale.

Fritz & Tits
Wally & the Beaver

Democrats and the Press were downright polite to Sarah Palin by comparison.

Stay classy, GOP.