I have a new incredibly riveting thread topic about Sarah Palin

Actually I don’t, but neither do you. Stop it. All of you.

Is it already time to start doubling the threadcount on a popular topic by starting just as many threads about not starting threads about the popular topic as there are threads about the popular topic? Seems early in the game for this, but whatever.

She’s someone nobody really knows shit about and she’s hoping to be the second in line to be most powerful person in the world. Just ignore the first week of idiotic mudslinging and wait until the actual facts come out about her, her policies, and her work.

Got no problem with talking about her. Does that mean I have to start a new thread to discuss the choice of her lipstick? Look at GD for gawd’s sakes.

Is it about the new revelation that she attended six different colleges in six years?

“Seven years of college, shot to hell…”

  • Sen. John Blutarski

I’m fed up with all the Palin threads too, except for these two which are the BEST EVAR!!!1!1lim(x->0)(sin x)/x!!11! This one, because it’s mine, and this one… though I’m rather annoyed nobody’s got back to me with a cite yet.

I attended three in twelve years to earn my BA. Doesn’t stop it from being accepted everywhere it needs to be.

She’s gonna replace Cloris Leachman on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, isn’t she? I knew it!

I made a joke a few months ago that we needed at least one Obama forum. (And sometimes it still feels that way.) We’ve achieved a comparable level of Palin oversaturation in a little less than a week.

Sarah’s Barn House?

Ok, I know I’m in trouble for that one.

PRESIDENT John Blutarski, if you’ve seen the “Where Are They Now?” feature included on the last edition of Animal House.

Although you’ll never be Vice-President.

Clever. :slight_smile:

The Daily Show just had a new incredibly hilarious segment on Sarah Palin with interviews with some supporters.

The only time I win second-place in beauty pageants is when we play Monopoly.

Truth be told, in a few of these threads I’m learing a lot more about many of our posters than I am about Gov. Palin.

I just heard that Heart doesn’t think she’s that much of a Barracuda.

I don’t think I’ve seen a single post on the National Enquirer’s rumor about an affair Palin had with the First Dude’s business partner. Sure, it’s the Enquirer, it’s unconfirmed, and the Republicans this year don’t seem to be bothered by McCain’s affairs, but I’d think SOME hay could be made of this.

You graduated from the University of Visa?