List your Favorite Music!

I got an idea, maybe this won’t work, but this is my idea at least. Lets all list our favorite music, and then talk about them? I am going to hit up my iTunes for an extensive list of damn near every band that I like, and hopefully other music lovers like me will do the same. In the end, maybe we can find out some new music that we hadn’t heard of before?

I will divide mine into categories. Well, after the fact… I will add a star to things I am currently listening to. That is not right now, but in the past few days
!!! Chk Chik Chick
Trail of Dead
*The Aeffect (Burning in the Bed on Fire)
*The Arcade Fire
Architecture in Helsinki
Beastie Boys (just a few songs)
Blonde Redhead
*The Bravery (was a recent fave)
Broken Social Scene

  • (S) Caesar’s Palace
    Coldplay (Still not a big fan)

  • Dandy Warhols
    Death Cab for Cutie (Blah, too sentimental and depressing)

  • (S) Diefenbach (only have a few songs but they are good)

  • Doves (I really like Black and White Town)

  • (S) Epo-555 (They are on their way out with me)
    The Faint (probably on their way back into the rotation soon
    Folk Implosion (Kids Soundtrack)
    Four Tet (Instrumental weird stuff)
    Franz Ferdinand (Cool stuff, I don’t know why its not in my Playlist!)
    The Go Find (Nice soothing stuff. I like Over the Edge)
    Goldfrapp (pretty cool, but I’m not into it now

  • (S) Green Concorde (Cool Danish band. Download their single on the web.)
    Hives (not much into them lately)
    Interpol (I liked them a lot, but lately I am not, but I still like it when they come on the radio

  • Joy Division (just a few songs, but I like them okay)

  • Junior Senior (another Scandinavian band, but they well known, I believe)
    The Killers (Meh, i don’t want to like these people, but they are okay enough…)
    Kool and the Gang (Hollywood Swingin! Just a throwaway gag, but I like the beats!)
    Lacquer (they were a big thing for me earlier. Probably electronic but oh well.)
    LCD Soundsystem (not bad, but I’m not feeling it at the moment)
    (S) The Legends (Typical scandinavian sounding rock band)
    Manu Chao/ Manu Negra (I have tons of this but I don’t listen to it now. Pretty old for me)

Modest Mouse (I don’t like them since my friend who met them told me the guy was an ass. And they recorded a record in my town, so it wasn’t a one-time experience either).
Phantom Planet (They were cool for me a long time ago. Another one in the dustbin).
Postal Service (I liked them better tan Death Cab. But still too sentimental for me at the moment).
Radio 4
Radiohead (used to be a huge fan, but its too depressing most of the time. Newest album is less depressing than Kid A)
The Ratpure (Cool dance/rock band)

  • (S) The Raveonettes (They have a cool twangy western sound. I like it a lot.)
    The Rentals (The second oldest of my collection. I still think its good, but don’t listen now).
    Robots in disguise (another Epitonic band)
  • (S) Röyksopp (a friend introduced me to them)
    Sigur Ros (Nice group, but not my thing anymore)
    (S) Spleen United (another Scand. band)
  • Stardust-Music Sounds Better with You (Probably my favourite disco/house)
    The Streets (good music, I should put them back in my stuff)
    The Strokes (Not bad either, but definitely had their turn with me)
    Supersport 2000 (If anyone knows of them they get a cookie from me!)
    TV on the Radio (only a few good songs, but getting better)
    Von Bondies (Cmon, Cmon!)
  • The Walkmen (Great Band, that has held up the longest for me).
    Weezer (my oldest fave, but only there for archival purposes.

Boney M (I’m ashamed to admit)

  • Chemical Brothers
    Crystal Method (haven’t listened in a while
  • Daft Punk (love it!)

Okay a little explanation. I see my music as having sources. Some come from my college radio station. Sometimes I hear someting in a commercial, sometimes I hear something on Danish Radio. By the way, if you want to hear some music that sounds like the stuff with an (S) by it, then go here. But be warned, this takes you straight to the player, so don’t click it unless you want it to open up right there. The *s are next to things I listen to now.

I have other artists, but thesse are the ones I’d feel comfortable knowing what they sound like and giving recommendations based on that info. Hopefully I can help others, and we can all just have a huge compilation of knowledge of people with similar taste.

I am really into a lot of the newest stuff. I think a lot of bands are doing interesting things that might harken back to the 80’s a little, but are still definitely good.

I’m really getting into Raffi these days…