Listen to me, you dumbasses: she doesn't live here anymore!

(A rant about creditors)

First, some backstory. My girlfriend and I lived together last year and shared a phone number. In January, we went our separate ways, but I kept the old phone number. She doesn’t have the best credit rating and while she’s got a job now and she’s paying it off, a long history of bad credit, including hospital bills, is still a problem.

In June, I started getting calls for her. When I told them she wasn’t here, they hung up. Over and over and over again - and always a different person, and always a slight delay at the beginning of the call, indicating that an autodialer was waiting for an operator to pick up. After about five calls, I got one guy to stay on long enough to tell him that she doesn’t live here anymore. I gave him her new phone number and he promised I wouldn’t be bothered anymore.

Of course, it didn’t stop there. I got three more calls in the following days. When I told them that I’d already given them her new info, they said that they could only take her new information from her - in other words, they had to speak to her. I told her to put me down as a wrong number and never call back again, which she (supposedly) did.

Now, starting yesterday morning at about 8:00, they’re calling again! I keep telling them “wrong number” and they hang up. Finally, this afternoon, they left a message on my machine with a 1-800 number.

The rant: You dumbasses! I gave you her new information and you didn’t use it! She doesn’t live here! I know you don’t want to believe me, but you’d think after calling 30 times with no luck you might actually give up or move on. You won’t tell me who you are or what it’s about, since I’m not her husband, and that’s fine - but when I tell you she doesn’t live here, I mean it!

The question: If I call them, what do I tell them to get them to stop harassing me? Should I call the police and tell the creditors I’m calling the police? I’m sure they think I’m covering for her, but I gave them her information - once. They’ll get nothing out of me now.

Some of the information here may help you, though much of it applies to the person who actually owes the money. From what you’ve said here, these debt collectors have violated a number of rules.

Are they asking for tree-fiddy? :smiley:

I just gave dem tree-fiddy last week!

Typical bill collector BS. You may or may not have too much success depending on how many creditors are calling and how responsible the individual you get on the phone is. Most bill collectors hate their jobs, hate their boss, and don’t give a crap about the company they work for. I base this on personal experience, I did it for 4 years. If you ask they may just remove you from their list, but you’ll still get calls from everyone else that is trying to collect a bill from her. You may also get calls from “skip tracers” who are trying to locate the person. I’m surprised they don’t hassle you each time for her new number, that was always standard where I worked.