Listening to CDs on my computer

Hi, I know this is kinda of trivial, but it’s been bugging me for a couple days. I just got this CD recently, and the first two tracks are very obviously supposed to flow together with no break at all between them. I ususally listen to CDs at my computer, and the problem is this: I have 3 different programs to play CDs with, Windows Media Player, WinAmp, and the basic Windows CD player. Windows Media player has artifical breaks inbetween the tracks, they only last a fraction of a second, but you can hear them, and it breaks the continuity of the two tracks that are supposed to run together. The basic Windows CD player doesn’t have the break inbetween tracks, so the two songs run together nicely, but it only supports two speakers (I have 4, Windows Media player works with all 4). Winamp has the breaks inbetween tracks also. So basically, I’m asking if anyone has any suggestions for a program that doesn’t have artificial breaks inbtween tracks, and supports 4 speakers, or a way that I can configure my current software options to get rid of the break, and utilize the 4 speakers.