Little Dorrit from the BBC

For those of you worldwide who enjoyed the recent BBC’s productions of Bleak House and Cranford there is another treat in e for you. The Corporation have just started broadcasting a new production of Little Dorrit. It has all the hallmarks of a BBC costume drama, a superb cast, wonderful camera-work and set-design and it’s adapted by Andrew Davies,who was responsible for Bleak House.

The cast includes Tom Courtenay (Mr. Dorrit), Alun Armstrong, Sue Johnston, Bill Paterson, Freema Agyeman and Mathew Macfayen (Arthur Clennam). For the part of Little Dorrit the BBC have chosen a fresh-faced and unknown actress Clair Foy. She really does fit the part of the sweet-natured innocent.
I don’t know how it will be packaged for international consumption, but here there was a one-hour opening episode, to be followed by twelve half-hour ones (broadcast at the rate of two a week) with a final hour-long episode.

From seeing the opening episode I would say that the BBC are on to another winner and this should sell all over the world.