Little girl meets a princess

I don’t usually post this kind of thing, but what with all the bullshit going on this week, this story and the accompanying photos really made me smile.

The photos were first uploaded by Mr. Robertson, who may or may not have a first name. :smiley:

Sometimes it’s awesome to just see people being nice to each other, ya know what I’m sayin’?

According to another site, the book the little girl is holding is The Women in White by Wilkie Colins, an 1859 mystery novel. This appears to be the edition of the book:

The lady isn’t a princess, but since the little girl probably isn’t reading the book (someone is quoted as saying “it’s beyond my reading level, too”), she probably didn’t notice. She undoubtedly just liked the picture. and, at that age, one woman in a white dress is very much like another woman in a white dress. Or a princess.

Don’t be such a cynic. According to eye-witnesses, the toddler clearly said “Look mommie–Anne Catherick, eccentric illegitimate daughter of wealthy hypochondriac Frederick Fairlie!”

Interestingly enough, I read a very similar story last week.

The princess in this story was also a black woman, which, I dunno, I think makes the stories a little bit sweeter (you gotta admit that the prevailing image of “princess”, especially in this age of Disney Princesses, is a fair-skinned, light-haired white woman).

I wouldn’t mind if this became a trend. All of us women should step up and start dressing like princesses in our day-to-day to bring joy to little ones wherever we go. Who’s in? :slight_smile:

It’s a tiara!

“You wear it on your head!”

I say princesses can dress in jeans, so I’m already a shining example!


They can also ride unicorns.

Oh, and obligatory “Awww!”.

Forget the “pussy” hats. I say tiaras all around! (With jeans, of course.)

That was great! Miss Bialik totally fucking nailed it!

You want tiaras? You got 'em!