Little old ladies and buses

Why is it then whenever you ride a bus and you see a bunch of little ol’ ladies at a stop, you just know none of them has any idea of how to get on the bus, how much money to pay or even where the bus is going?

Man oh man, what a biased and prejudiced statement! How can you dare to categorize a whole group that way?

… I’ve been on lots of busses, and sometimes the drivers know exactly where they’re going.

I guess you told me. :slight_smile: Now what about the little old ladies.


How do you people expect to learn if you don’t read the posts? C#3 has been trying to educate you guys, but you’re not listening.

Alright, pay attention.

Those are NOT little old ladies. They are Aliens in diguise. They don’t understand our monatery system and that is why the fumble around in their little change purses in bewilderment.

They don’t know where the bus is going because they don’t care. The’re exploring.

They struggle to get on the bus because they have an extra leg that they have to fold under their dresses and…

Aw, what’s the use. Your kind are too blind to see the truth.

A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes-but doesn’t