Little People, Big World.

This guy has a big house, a HUGE yard, and enough free time to build a freakin Trebuchet for the hell of it. Where does he get his money? What is his profession? The wife just seems to work at a school or something. What about him? Is he independantly wealthy or something?
I’ve heard her refer to the place as a “farm”. Are they growing anything? Or is that just her cute name for their bajillion acres of property and barn?

I’ve caught a couple episodes of this. I know they have stands set up to sell peaches, and pumpkins. I’m assuming they sell whatever is in season at the time. In the Trebuchet episode the storyline was about him renting out the farm for a corporate party, something like 900 people showed up. Apparently this is something he does often because the wife kept complaining about it.

From what I’ve seen he is quite hyperactive and is always thinking business and dollars. Every scene seems to involve him putting together another money maker. The thing is, between his size and his handicaps he can’t do alot of the actual labor involved in these schemes, so he is constantly recruiting his family and friends to help. In that pumpkin flinging episode the family ganged up on him for only paying the son’s friend $5 for working in the pumpkin patch that day.

I have mixed feelings about the wife. She seems intelligent and level headed, but she is always complaining about having to help at the produce stands and renting out the property because “It’s my HOME!”. Well I would think if you enjoy living on a 34 acre farm you would understand you have to work that land somehow to be able to afford to stay there.

Yea I caught the end of an episode yesterday where they were arguing at the dinner table. It something to do with him not paying his sons’ friends enough money. That must be what you’re referring to. Maybe the same incident or maybe it happens all the time - lol. But he did mention something about harvesting pumpkins. And then the son was talking about his mom working 2 jobs and the husband retorted that he makes TEN TIMES what she makes at her two jobs combined. So even if she’s bringing in 10-12 thousand, he’s making 6 figures. Not bad.

I read a couple articles today about the family and apparently he made his fortune in software but was eventually laid off. Now he runs around thinking up ways to make money off the farm and is also trying to market some sort of little people’s access kit to hotels.

And I’m sure they’re getting some sort of kickback from the TLC network as well :wink:

I’ve seen every episode so far, I quite like the show.

He used to sell high-end corporate software suites and when he felt he had enough money, he quit to open his “direct access solutions” which sells little people access kits to hotels. Along with the renting out of the land and the selling of fruits, it seems they do pretty well for themselves.

I would hope so, in the last episode I saw, they tore out a whole side of the house to put in a new little person standard kitchen.