Trading spouses

I’m usually not real big on reality shows but holy crap, this show cracked my up.

I have to say though black Mom: way cool.

White spoiled, rotten, pretentious Mom: grates me to the freaking bone!

Anyone else?

yes – what the hell are you talking about? Is there a link us deprived folks who don’t get these shows until a year later can check out?

Sounds like a show we have in the UK called ‘Wife Swap’. I think i prefer the UK name to ‘Trading Spouses’. Does anyone know if this is indeed the same show?


Apparently “Trading Spouses” is a Fox rip-off (allegedly) of “Wife Swap”, which ABC has bought the rights to from the original UK producers. More quality programming from the Fox network, and legal action to follow.

I thought this idea was funny when Dave Chappelle made fun of it. But for it to be a real show?
The end of the world could be just around the corner.

Damn, that was a fun show. JEEEZ, the rich mom was a bitch! I mean making the family go out an buy a coffee pot and then making everyone else cook for her and actually DEMANDING lunch saying I’m hungry now! And then, of course, wanting to go out for dinner every night. Sorry honey, you ain’t uptown anymore. I can see the middle class family get really pissed off at the rich mom sometime soon. I mean she hasn’t lifted a finger yet. It was kinda funny when she was counting the carbs on everything and when she said it was fun to ‘make’ breakfast and then they show the kids cooking while she’s reading the paper.

The other part of it: middle class mom and rich family worked MUCH better. They seemed to really get along well. The mid class mom was really, really, reall nice and the family welcomed her in and has been very cool to her.

Next week should be fun.

I’m confused as well…I thought this was a Chapelle Show sketch, and was originally a spoof of ‘Trading Spaces.’ You mean, this is real?

And is anyone getting laid? Or is that against the rules?

I walked out in the middle of it after they announced the twist: that each swapped spouse would have to do something with a $50,000 budget for their new family. Now, I’m kind of wishing I stuck around to see the show until the end.

But realistically folks: based on what I’m seeing, the Biggens are decidedly not middle class. At all. In terms of income and attitudes, ‘working class’ would be a better description. And while the Nakamuras are very well off – decidedly upper middle class-- they’re not “rich”.

It’ll be interesting to see what Blonde Tammy and Al Meda come up with to spend their budgets on. I hope Tammy does something to implement savings and investments for the Biggens and maybe splurge a little ($10,000 on home improvements or something) but she doesn’t strike me as that practical. And Al Meda has the bigger challenge of doing something thoughtful for a family that seems to lack for nothing obvious.

Maybe it depends on our respective backgrounds. I consider the Biggens to be lower middle class, but definetly middle class. They aren’t poor. And I’d call the Nakamuras rich. They probably make over $200,000 a year, and I’d consider that a ‘rich’ family.

This is the first reality program Iv’e watched. I have to say I like it, it’s a stitch. I agree with everybody else that the Biggens lose it first. I thought the husband was getting ready to snap on the way home from the waterpark. Did anyone else get the impression that Tammi is probably just as useless and bossy at her on home? For some reason I suspect that it’s Nana who does all the work there, and she really seems to like Almeda. By the way, the other woman’s name is probaly Almeda not Al Meda, at least that’s the way my Mom’s name is written. I’ll stand corrected if that’s the way it was written on the screen. Did anyone say what the bill was at the restaurant? Sushi and shishimi is that expensive here.

It’s kind of a mixed deal. No, they’'re not poor. The Biggens are a one-income family (Al Meda was laid off just before this show started) of five living in a one-story home. Both parents have associates degrees from community colleges, which helps keep them out of poverty but limits their professions outside the better skilled trades; I’d be shocked if they have any investments, property, tax shelters, securities, health care coverage, etc. Without that wealth of intangible family assets, that’s not really middle class, although their combined family income might be at that level, and their values are apparently so.

Dr. Nakamura is a cosmetic surgeon, so he probably makes in excess of a half-million a year, at a minimum. That’s very well off indeed, but that’s not even on the level of the lower end paid players in the NBA.

I liked that show a lot. I’m not a big reality TV fan, but this one intrugued me.

Tammy is a bitch. I was suprised that the black guy didn’t come out of the wave pool and smack her when she was screaming “Watch the kids! Watch them!” As if he hadn’t ever taken care of kids before! She has a live-in nanny for her kids and according to them she doesn’t spend time with them.

I’d say that the Nakamuras are rich. That’s a big-ass house they have there and a nice fountain and pool too.

I can’t wait to see what the moms do with the cash for the families. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to watch it next week, but I’ll set my VCR :frowning:

I’ve been dying to know this - do the swapped spouses have sex with their “new” spouse? Do they sleep in the same bed?

I don’t think you have to have some investments to be considered middle class. If you make $40,000 a year, which is what it seemed they may have been making, I’d consider that middle class.

:eek: If you don’t think half a million per year is ‘rich’ then I want to live in your neighborhood!! Lower end NBA players are indictative of rich. The Nakamura’s are at least in the 2nd highest tax bracket.

Tammy is the most self-deluded nut since Omarosa. She thinks she’s helping that family by encouraging them to eat out at restaurants. I don’t know why they’re letting her get away with so much, 'cause I would have set her straight on the first day.

I wanted to shout out her when she kept making Omar reset the breaker so she could finish blow drying her hair. What the hell, ma’am, who exactly do you think is going to see you that you need your hair perfect? Put it in a damn ponytail like everybody else.

Was there any indication that Tammy has any kind of job? Because she obviously doesn’t cook, clean, care for children, or contribute any other way.

And based on the way Yuki was talking about her, that marriage isn’t in great shape, either.

Based on the size and design of the Nakamura’s swimming pool, and the looks of their vacation home, I vote for them being RICH.

After just watching the rerun of last weeks episode, I must say I do not like Tammy. Interestingly enough I went into watching this episode thinking that I would not be too harsh on her. I saw her today on some Morning show, and she tried to defend herself and I felt sorry for her. Now I see why she needed to defend herself so much. I understand that editing can be harsh, but some of the things she said that weren’t editing tricks were enough. I would not be able to live with her.

Mela seems nice enough. Although I think editing is playing too much on stereotype. Same for Tammy too. I thought Mela was doing a great job of blending into her new family. However, the previews for tomorrow’s episode seem to indicate that things will get heated up with her too.

All in all, this show seems like something I’d like to continue to watch. I just got terribly annoyed at the scenes with Tammy. She talked to the Biggin’s family like they were aliens or pets.



Walked out? Seems easier to change the channel.
Looking at the house the Nakamura family has, including the lake house, I’m going with “rich” as being an accurate description. If they are upper middle class, not only would it be the high end of the catagory but middle class must have been adjusted upward since I last checked.

So, does this spouse swapping involve, y’know, “spouse swapping” (nudge-nudge, wink-wink)?

If they’re not, they should be.

The plural of spouse is “spice”, after all.