Little Snippets of Songs

I’ve had not a whole song running though my head lately, but just a phrase. It’s from Steely Dan’s Deacon Blues : Languid and Bittersweet. I’ve even written about it in my blog . Are there any phrases from songs that resonate with you, even when the whole song doesn’t?

That happens to me sometimes. But I had to write in to say that when I woke up this morning, Deacon Blues was in my head, and it was still there and on the verse with that phrase when I read your post.

(insert Twilight Zone theme here…)

Whenever I see “In My Humble Opinion” I sing “in my simple humble neighborhood <neighborhood>, on my simple humble street” from Carole King’s Really Rosie thing we had the record of when we were kids.

And then that phrase “when we were kids” from the live Dire Straits album version of “Tunnel of Love”.