Song lyric in my head

For a couple of decades I have occasionally had this song lyric pop into my mind and
stay there for several days. I’ve repeated it to scores, if not hundreds of people, but
no one has been able to identify the title. I thought I’d take a shot here. I first heard it
in 1958-59 and I think it’s a C&W ballad. Here’s the line:
“Just go on and, tell your dearest friend,’ I’ve heard THAT line be-fore’.”
I’ve tried to give you a sense of the tune by using punctuation. There’s a slight pause
between “and” & “tell”, the word “that” is emphasized and “before” is pronounced as
two words. Hope that helps. Anyone recognize it?

Song lyrics play better in Cafe Society.

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Thanks, it would put me out of my misery if I could identify the damn song.

Check this out. It doesn’t exactly correspond to what you remember, but memory’s a funny thing.

I know what you mean about memory, I have frequent “senior moments”, but I’m 99% on the lyrics. I forgot to mention that it was a male singer. Thank you for trying.

Well it was worth a try. I should, mention, though, that that song was covered many times, and was probably most successful in its Don Gibson version.

I believe that the song you are thinking of is “I’ve Heard That Line Before”, by Johnnie Strickland. It was released in 1959 on Roulette records. I can’t find the lyrics online, but I’m pretty sure that’s your song.