Little things you learned today

Let us all in on it… what little, minor thing did you learn today?

I learned that boys XL underwear is the exact same size as men’s Small underwear. But the boys XL underwear is $3 a package cheaper!

So I’ll be buying my teenage son boys XL underwear as long as I can!

I learned just how painful an ice cream headache can be.

I’m 28 and never had one before today. I hope I never have another one.

I learned that these expensive noise-reducing ear buds are less comfortable and not much more effective than my old headphones. Rats.

I learned that David Boreanaz has some sort of complex about birds. I dunno, dude’s kind of dumb and also crazy.

I’ve learned that hyperventilation is not having too much oxygen in my system, but having too little carbon dioxide.

I learned that some people didn’t adjust their Facebook privacy settings when they went to everyone-can-view-by-default.

I learned that Albert Einstein was born on pi day (March 3 or 3/14, so called because the mathematical constant pi is approximately 3.14).

I learned that the Great Wall of China isn’t one wall. It is various, often unconnected walls, built at different times, in different ways, by different people, for different reasons.

I learned that the “taste map” on the tongue is pretty much nonsense: taste buds all over your tongue pick up all tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter) the same way.

Do you have daughters? Girls size 16 are just about the same size as Womens’ size 5, too.

Today I learned nothing of interest, but this weekend I learned that people were around the same time as a 10’ tall, 500lb breed of kangaroo, and that is kind of terrifying.

Isn’t that cool? As usual, the truth is far more compelling than our preconceived notions.

48% of children between the ages of 5 and 14 engage in some kind of labor that the ILO considers child labor.

The HELL you say! :frowning: Ignorance fought I guess. So where did that taste bud map that we all learned in grade school come from?? I could have swore I saw a science show WAY back in the day where they put little drops of certain flavors on someone’s tongue and they couldn’t taste some things on some parts of the tongue. I want to say it was Mr Wizard, but I am not ready to accept that anything I learned from Mr Wizard could have possibly been wrong.

I’d really like to see a cite on this either way.

I have learned that just because you’ve never had a cold sore doesn’t mean you won’t get one!

And you can put Chapstick on all day long, for days, to no avail. But when you figure it out you’ll feel a fool, and have a giant cold sore.

Which seems odd if you haven’t had/got a cold. Now I wish I knew if I should throw away my Chapstick?

I’ve learned about how the ligaments in my foot work and where they are attached. It’s really neat! I’ve also learned that physiotherapy is painful.

Rembrandt’s Night Watch was originally a lot bigger than it is today.



I’m not as impressed anymore…

I learned that even though I’m about 30 pounds overweight, my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels are all healthy. Go me! :slight_smile:

Are you actually overweight or are you following your BMI? You might be right where nature intends. :slight_smile: