Little White Lies

I’ll tell 'em every now and then. I’ll lie about watching a football game, just to avoid the awkward talk about how I don’t really mind missing a game here and there. If my mom asks if I did something that’s clearly impossible, like go to Costco even though the closest one is 100 miles away, I’ll say yeah, just to avoid being argumentative.

That’s me. Unless I simply don’t respect someone, I only lie to avoid hassles, to make my life easier. I won’t lie to make make anyone feel good about themselves, though, and hate it when people do it to me.

Cooked dinner for me, but it didn’t taste very good? That was sweet. It was nice of you to do that for me. I’ll thank you and praise your good intentions. But you won’t hear a peep out of me about how good the food was. Better not ask what I thought about it, though. I’ll tell you.

It irks me when I find out someone has lied to me to spare my feelings. It feels condescending, as if I’m not mature enough to handle the truth. It violates my feeling of trust. It was a big reason my first girlfriend, probably the single sweetest woman to grace the state of Alabama, and I broke up.

What about you? Where do you stand on little white lies? We’re not talking about philosophical dilemmas involving people getting run over by trains here. Just simple, everyday things you are constantly exposed to.

I guess I’d rather live in a world where I could tell the complete unadulterated truth all the time. And I do work towards making that world possible by making it easier for other people to tell me the truth. But if someone holds a lot of power over you, truth is harder. And little white lies give so much bang for their buck that it’s hard to resist them! I really try hard to not directly lie though, even if it’s a little white lie. Instead I’ll try to resteer the conversation, or lie by omission or misdirection (say something that is technically true but could imply something that isn’t true).