Live in Seattle? I can see your house from here!

First there was Gigapan. It introduced us to hi-res images of everything from cityscapes to nature.

Some kids at Microsoft decided to play the game in Seattle and came up with this.

A little back-and-forth with Google Earth, and I found the condo where they shot from

It’s the building bounded by 1st and 2nd Ave, and Clay and Broad streets.

I think it’s fun to explore the buildings, seeing how people on the 8th floor store their bikes, some guy’s golf bag behind the sofa, and someone has an inflatable mattress in the living room.

It’s just cool, is all.

There’s lots of Easter eggs hidden away in there as well. Lego automobiles, a spaceship parked on a roof, monsters, dunno what all else. Lots to find.

…and I just found a group of costumed people re-enacting the Thriller video near the base of the Space Needle.

Very cool.

Lot of people holding up placards. I’ve seen the letters “N”, “O”, and “P”, as well as a picture of a television. Plus tons of performance art. Neat!

Also, a marriage proposal.

So, how about people give others directions to find some of these things. I’ll go first.

Zoom all the way out… find the Space Needle and put it in the center of the view. At the bottom of the needle just to the right are the people doing Thriller.

Zoom back out all the way… to the right of the needle at the bottom of the view is a stand alone brick building with a large parking lot. Zoom into the parking lot and there are art cars, and people waving. There is also a group of people facing away from the camera in the same lot. At the 7-11 just across the street are people doing acrobatics.

Just to the left of the brick building is another building with a sign “Car-Toys”. The intersection just to the left has some half cars… not really an Easter Egg, but fun none the less.

Zoom back out and to the left of the Needle there are some white arch like things. Zoom in and you will see a pool/fountain thing. Just above on the second level platform are dancers.

Zoom back out and move to the left a bit. You will see a building with a large pyramid shaped roof. Just to the left, across the street is a brown building. Zoom in and it is made of Legos. Zoom in more and you can see the Lego construction crew.

Zoom back out and look at the bottom of the scene and you will see a bright yellow wall. Zoom in on it and you will see an artist displaying his painting. In the same parking lot there are two women doing… well, I’m not sure, but I think it is art.

I could go on but I’ll let others give it a shot.

Just noticed that at the intersection with the half cars there is a guy crossing the street carrying a painting, and at the bottom of the electronic sigh is a young woman being stalked by a “dinosaur.”

That’s genius. I could seriously lose a couple of hours in this. There seems to be the acrobat couple in several different places - the same people Spud mentions I think.

Great idea!
Lots going on around that Wells Fargo building. Near the drive through is someone dressed all in purple “Sequin Mann” and a guy holding up a sign with a TV on it. There is also a woman striking a pose leaning up against the dumpster fence. If you look to the right of the building there is a guy with arms outstretched doing a skateboard jump.

The white arches are at the Pacific Science Center. A little to the upper left of the arches is the International Fountain. The acrobats, “Duo Rendez-vous,” are doing a stunt in the grass. Pan to the opening in the trees above the fountain’s water jets and you’ll see a blue mannequin and a person holding a sign with a dot (maybe a period) on it. Just to the right is a random shadow.

The pyramid shaped roof belongs to the Key Arena. Under the bottom left corner of it there is a guy in a blue shirt juggling. Duo Rendez-vous is pulling another stunt next to the mailbox on corner next to the church that is to the bottom right of the arena. To the left about 2-3 buildings from the Lego building there is a building with an airship hovering above it. Directly above that there is a building with a roof terrace and you can see a painter hunched over with a paint roller painting the inside wall white.

I was wondering about that, too. Seems you have to zoom almost all the way in to activate the artist info on that one. The “woman” in white is actually a dude and the woman in black is a “tactile artist.” If you pan just a bit up from that yellow wall (MEXIBURGER) you’ll see a green and white VW bus with its door open revealing a guy meditating.

I’m not sure it’s been mentioned but this does pan 360 degrees so there is a great view of Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound.

Letters so far:

G - O - I - R - P - N - .

All are next to brightly painted mannequins, some of which appear to be male and some female.

Other interesting items: a window washer guy, helicopter landing or taking off, float plane coming in to dock, and some sort of game must be going on at Century Link Field because the stands are filled with people.