Live music DVDs - JLO, Beyonce, Britney, Kylie, Madonna

and other singers known by only one name.
My wife likes this kind of music. She has only recently come to Australia from Cambodia. She does not like music videos. She wants DVDs of performers having great concerts. It is difficult searching through all the web for this stuff. As I am not a great fan of any of these singers, it is difficult for me to evaluate them.
Can anyone help please?

Can anyone help please?

Cher has a DVD release for her Do You Believe? tour from 1999 and one for her never-ending Farewell tour.

Nothing wrong with good pop music; once I started going out to dance clubs regularly, I began to understand its appeal.

Mariah (Carey) has a recent live concert out-- The Adventures of Mimi-- that is exclusive to Best Buy. It’s not bad, though the 2nd making-of disc is kind of overkill. A very diva-esque presentation of the Mimi album. A little under $20. She has a few other live releases available- the Unplugged video is interesting, if only for the change in focus from the over-the-top theatics of most pop concerts.

Kylie (Minogue) has 5 DVDs at the least, but only three are live concerts-- avoid Ultimate Kylie and Greatest Hits, which are music videos. I’d go for the later releases; her early work is way too bubblegum for my tastes, her later stuff is house influences. Your wife’s preferences could reverse this, though. Looks like they bottom out at around $13 apiece.

Christina (Aguilera) has a bunch of DVDs; live releases include Back to Basics Live Down Under, Stripped Live in the UK, and My Reflection. I’d take the first two over the last one, though it depends on which era “Xtina” your wife would prefer-- if it’s bubblegum, go My Reflection. The “Dirty” era, go Stripped. The current swing/retro sound, Back to Basics.

For comparison shopping, especially if you want to order online, hit Youll find some of the above-- plus, undoubtedly, other single-name pop singers’ DVDs-- for cheap sometimes; I may not be as keen on Aguilera’s My Reflection, say, but at $7.76 after shipping, it might not be a bad gamble.

If she’s looking for something mellower, there’s Sade Live.

Make that Sade Live.