LiveJournal is keeping secrets from me!

LJ hasn’t been notifying me of comments today, and it’s been displaying inaccurate comment counts.

It’s a plot to keep me from knowing about comments. Someone out there is saying horrible things about me, and they’ve paid off Brad and the rest at LJ to not let me know!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!


LJ has a tendancy to make one nutso cuckoo.

Some days this place is faster.

Opal, it’s a conspiracy against dopers. I also don’t get comment notifications, and I had a REALLY GREAT POST that should have had seventy billion comments, but LJ ate them. I’m sure that’s what it is. Yeah.

Status says new code is horking the comment counts for some people.

I’ve been getting reeeaaaaaalllllllyyyy sssslllllooooowwwwwwwww nnnnooottifffffieeeeessss myself.

No kidding! I had this great post a little while back about how I eat my toes–or about how others eat my toes. I can’t remember. But I only got one person posting comments. One. (Not that I don’t appreciate that person posting, mind you. She made my day.)

You’d think a post with a little bit o’ cannibalism would attract more flies–er… commentors. But, oh no! :slight_smile:

Ditto here, usually the comment notices are super-fast, but they’ve been lagging horribly today, which sucks because I made a super-huge post about quitting my job and updating my comic, too. :frowning:

I posted 50 nude photos of myself and…err…

ok, no I didn’t.

Yeah, LJ’s been wonky today. Like I said there, I think the whole internet’s been kinda wonky today.

hah! at least you get comments :slight_smile:

I had trouble with livejournal last night, as it would not let me log in, although i logged in today and need to update.


Cannibalism is so underrated these days. So, still prefer the egg mcmuffin?

See, folks? This beautiful woman was the one who replied to my toes!

And, yes, XJETGIRLX, I still prefer Egg McMuffins. Get a meal, understand, and you get hash browns. Popsicle toes just leave you with bone. :slight_smile:

I’ve been scared away from McD’s breakfasts by the advent of the McGriddle monstrosities. That and I don’t get up early enough. But popsicle toes can be quite delectable if you marinate them just right.

Remind me again why you weren’t already on my friends list?

XJETGIRLX - be even more afraid.

The McGriddles are really quite tasty.

Mmm, toes.

See, I was on your friends list, but then my name went all disappearing. I chalked it up to a cosmic accident, but I could be wrong. :slight_smile: