Stupid lame-ass LiveJournal!

Inspired by this thread, my contempt for LiveJournal and the LiveJournal “community” has reached a boiling point.

Why do you people feel the compulsive need to share every single meaningless, trivial detail about your average, inconsequential lives? What traumatic childhood events have scarred you so badly that your sense of self-worth now hinges on your ability to give the world hourly updates on your cat’s irregular bowel movements?

I am stunned by the narcissism and arrogance of this army of self-worshping ignoramuses who using humanity’s greatest achievement in communications to spread tripe like this:

5:03 PM - Got my tax refund today. I thought it would be $630.24, but the check is only for $625.85.
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5:27 PM - Never mind, I read the numbers wrong.
Music: John Denver

5:42 PM - Maybe I need new glasses? I think I’ll schedule an appointment tomorrow. It’s probably too late now.

6:22 PM - LiveJournal was down for 20 minutes. I was going to write about this funny commercial I saw on TV, but now I can’t remember what it was.
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6:40 PM - Anyone know a good hemmorrhoid cream?
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What massive misfiring of neurons has led you people to believe that anyone actually cares about half the shit you write?

You say you want a community? You’ve got one already - it’s right outside your fucking window. Pick up the phone and call your neighbors, go outside and meet people, go to a concert with your brother or sister, have dinner with your friends. Just don’t sit in front of your computer screen, spewing irrelevant garbage about your sad, little lives. Save your stories and problems for people who actually give a shit about you.

Oh and for those of you who claim LiveJournal is therapeutic? Fuck you. Write a poem, paint a picture, go up to the roof and shout as loud as you can. Channel your anger and frustration into creative power, don’t be an idiot and document it so you can go back to it someday and feel depressed about shit that has long since ceased to be important.

What if someone had given Van Gogh a LiveJournal? Maybe then instead of Starry Night and Irises, the world would have something like:

4:32 PM - She doesn’t love me. Goddamn bitch. Everyone in the world is conspiring against me. I’ll show her how wrong she is. Where’s the knife?
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Bah, delete your LiveJournal I say. And throw your webcam in the trash while you’re at it.

If it’s such a waste, why are you reading a LJ? Why not put your time to constructive use, like taking a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut?

Just a suggestion,

While I don’t have the intense hatred of LiveJournals you do, i agree that they are just about the dumbest thing I have yet come across. However, even though i find them to be stupid and self-centered, some people seem to enjoy them. I have to agree with Zette, no one is making you read them. just ignore them.


Of course, the first thing that anyone has to say is the always-trenchant “if-you-don’t-like-it-go-away” response.

Note that nowhere did I say that LiveJournal personally affects my life in any way. What I’m saying is that people whose lives revolve around it are at best, lame, and at worst, narcissitic and maladjusted.

Anyone have something to offer other than an ad hominem attack?

You fucking waste.

If it did NOT affect you in some way, why did you post about it.

I’d say you were full of shit, but I’d be lying. You’re overflowing.

Let’s see.

Nope- you’re just a fucking asshole!
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


Eat me.

It is a service provided to me. I choose to utilize it. I like it.

You know what, I’m sure there are some people with Live Journals who think that the world does revolve around them. That’s their problem.

I do converse with my friends regularly via Live Journal. Yes friends. As in I care for them and they care for me. Some I’ve met in person, some I haven’t. Regardless, it is a community made up of my friends – who give a shit about me.

For you to come along and pass judgement, telling me I’m “lame, and at worst, narcissitic and maladjusted” because I enjoy keeping a public journal is fucking bullshit!
So you think it is a stupid activity. You know what I do when I run across an activity I consider stupid? I don’t participate in it. What a fucking concept, huh?

Jesus H. It’s fucking Live Journal - just about the most benign form of expression one might find on the web. Get over yourself. Talk about narcissistic.

I think I’ll cut and paste this entry into my journal.

I’d like to add that I type about forty five times faster than I write, and my writing is about 100X less legible. I keep a journal because my mind is always going, and I’m working on a lot of things in my life (writing, acting, weight loss, being married, getting through this low time…etc.) so I just want to get it out.

Sure, I’d like to have people respond or read it or whatever, but mostly I’m just getting things out of my head and putting them on the screen, like my “Hottest Guys In The World” list. Of course nobody cares. NOBODY, but it’s just been forming in my head, so I might as well write it down.


In all fairness why shouldn’t he write about it. Half of the pit threads are about news articles and things of that nature which those people don’t HAVE to read.

I don’t agree or disagree with the OP but damn was it funny!

Thats funny.

Well, off to read the condit/levy pit rant… boy I bet the author of that rant really has a personal beef with condit.

Pit rant topics are getting so sorry lately…


What is this board, if not a less-than-formal livejournal? In both places, you write what you think. Do the math.

I would invite both you and Outrider to consider that question.

Could you let me know whose LJ entry that was? I’d like to add them to my friends list. Thanks.

Funny, for someone who seems to have a problem with people posting in their own journal what’s going on in their life, Outrider seems to have no problem posting to a PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD some pretty trivial facts about his life.

If you don’t like it, by all means do us a favor and stay the fuck off the site. The poor kids have enough trouble handling traffic there already.


I’m thinking of opening one for shock value…

10:08 am - ate doughnuts
12:02 pm - meeting with my boss went poorly
1:00 pm - machine-gunned my office - 17 dead
4:00 pm - car won’t start
6:22 pm - bought tile at Home Depot
7:19 pm - rititual sacrifice of baby goat

… you get the idea.

NP: Amon Amarth - Once Sent From The Golden Hall

Dear Diary,
Again today- I was severely disappointed. My Tug-Ahoy never arrived in the mail. I keep writing to the customer service department but alas- no help forthcoming.

Next week is my scheduled bug-ectomy. I guess they will use a local anestetic and use forceps to pull the bug out of my ass. You should see the X-rays, journal! That thing is enormous! No wonder I’ve been such a cranky jackass lately.

Oh, another mail related item. Brittney STILL has not written back to me. I’m beginning to think that she doesn’t even read her fan mail.


Current mood: Superior

I have an open journal at

I never really thought of it as a consume-your-life, make-new-friends kind of thing.

But I’ve kept a journal for years, so it doesn’t really add to the time I spend writing in it.

Journaling helps me sort through my thoughts and deal with my worries.

I went public because it can be nice to share those thoughts and worries with people who don’t actually know me, because that way there’s no real pressure to put on a happy mask or pretend to be what I’m supposed to be.

It’s really no big deal. And yes, some days my entries are kind of mundane. So’s my life. But no one has to read it.

I agree but what I am saying is that people bitch about news stories that they don’t HAVE to read so why can’t outrider bitch about journals that he doesnt HAVE to read?

God! If that was the case you should bitch this way at almost every pit rant. Why did his opinion on LJ make you so emotional? It’s an opinion, you have yours, he has his etc etc etc. Let love rule man! hahaha

I agree to a limited extent. MPSIMS is certainly a lot like livejournal at times. I’d like to think that the SDMB as a whole, though, is a much more interesting and enlightened place than any livejournal.

If you post to your journal, you are essentially expecting people to pay attention to you and to give you positive reinforcement (i.e. "aww, I’m sorry you had heart burn today hugz) whereas at the SDMB, people usually encourage and expect intelligent discourse on things that at least have some relevance to the greater world. If you post here without thinking through your position, you will be shot down (like I just was in this thread). Even if you make a valid point, you will probably be challenged to consider your position from a different perspective. That’s what makes this place worthwile.

Sure, there are some people who here who use SDMB as a surrogate social life, and I’m sure there are livejournalers with some incredibly interesting and profound things to say. On the whole, though, I consider SDMB to be a more intelligent and less obssessive place to consider life’s questions, but I suppose it is just a matter of personal preference after all.

P.S. Zette - I’d like to say nice try…but it wasn’t. Your sense of humor is as frayed as your logic.

I know you are but what am I?

I’m rubber and you’re glue- everything you say bounces off me and sticks on you!


I noticed that Outrider refrained from accepting the commentary from those of us who write in our journal for our own enjoyment rather than anyone elses. We don’t fit the mold! We must be ignored!


p.s. I hate cyber hugs.

Yes, I hate reading about people’s “average, inconsequential lives”. I’d much rather read about important philosophical and social ideas, like why someone is outraged by others using a public journal.