I've got me a live journal!

Yes. I finally broke down and got one. Actually, I’ve had it for around a month now but I’m thinking about trying, as an experiment, to post to it on a regular basis.

I say as an experiment because I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Writing down my thoughts would be great, and I certainly like other people reading what I’ve written. But the whole idea of pimping myself out, screaming to the world “look at me! look at me! LOOOOOK! AT! ME!!!” just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
It’s taking me effort just to type this thread.
Then again, how else are people supposed to know I have a live journal if I don’t do this? Sigh…


Come. You’re more than welcome. Or don’t come. Whichever.

I think I’m going to come.

I felt that way initially, too Ender. But since you can pick and choose what you write about, it still has an aspect of privacy. Just don’t write about something you’d prefer people didn’t read.

You’ll get used to it. I find it to be not only another community to which to belong, but also a way to put my thoughts down. I never kept a diary or journal before, but it’s easier than I thought.

Dude, I’d prefer if my live journal pages didn’t stick together. Thanks.

If you make an entry that you are really afraid will scream, “ATTENTION WHORE!!!” just disable commenting for that entry. If no one can reply to it, it’s impossible for anyone to think you’re pleading for recognition.

Custom ‘friends’ groups are good for that kind of thing as well.

I would love to start a live journal, but desperately
need someone to give me their codes…hint, hint.

Anyone that feels they can take pity on me and
send me some codes…I will write you up in my journal
with praise…:cool:

You use that phrase as if it were BAD or something. :confused:

My LJ is limited to members of the Unaboard and is read by only a tiny subset of them. I whore for attention plenty, but don’t have to worry about actually getting any.

No, I worry that this whole thread, my whole live journal, will scream “attention whore!”
I mean, I want people to come. I’d like for people to come. But for me to announce “I have a live journal! Now you must care about every bit of minutia in my life,” just seems a little egotistical, doesn’t it?
All this pressure to entertain. It’s supposed to be about me, right? But if it were truly about me, I wouldn’t need any friends looking over my cyber shoulder and seeing what I’m writing. I would just write. So it’s not entirely about me. But then again, it is.
Therein lies the conundrum. A catch-44 if you will (upgraded to account for inflation).
I can’t shake it, I can only go with the flow.

I got me one, too, during the board crash. I missed my Pit so badly…

Here you go. I don’t update terribly often, and it really isn’t that exciting.

I came. It was really good.

I like what you write on this board,more than most other posters, and I think I remember that you like chess, so I added you to my friends list.

I write a lot of entries about sex but I’m only using sex as a metaphor for chess. I like chess a lot.

Anyway, my name at LJ isn’t Turpentine, but Mandy_moon. That’s so you’ll know who I am.

There’s a recent entry in my journal with a picture of me with a cat fetus on my head. I try to make my journal interesting.

My LJ friends who don’t play chess want to learn because I make my chess games sound so steamy.
Anyway…see you soon.

anya’s ramblings

I have had this since August and i still only have ELEVEN entries in it.

I have one, too, Enderw24. I added you as a friend.
My link is in my sig.

I have one. Boy, do I have one…

jayjay’s Occasionally TMI Livejournal

It’s mostly used as an extended conversation with my LJ Friends list (waves to Cheffie, apollo9 and Shadowfox) and a chronicle of what’s going on in my attempts to dig my way out of my self-image/shyness pit.

It’s also a neatly-packaged way to see how my odyssey for cute gay tail is going… :wink:

The Attention Whore is IN.

Ah hell, I’m sucking up for some attention today too. Link to my LJ is in my signature.

:: Waves back at Jayjay ::

I was happy to see my name on your friends list, Ender. :slight_smile:
If anyone else is interested in my ramblings, my LJ name is Wicky.

By the way, I mark all the good stuff ‘Friends Only’. :wink:


Hey Ender – you can add me to your Friends list too if ya want! :slight_smile:


Ditto for everyone else!

:can’t believe she just gave herself a shameless plug…:eek:

I’ve had a live journal for a while now, although I post in spurts and fits. I also have a half dozen or so codes that I might be talked into giving up to the right person…

I’ve got one.

I must thank lolagranola for getting me hooked up, and
now I have a lj toohere's mine

can I add you guys as friends too?
It is kinda lonely there right now…:slight_smile: