Living a purpose driven life

No not this.

People are not paying attention. I will give you several examples.

I get lunch almost daily at a local deli. There are a couple of registers for “take out” or “to go” orders, and there is a place to place “for here” orders. There are HUGE NEON signs above each that describe their purpose. It never fails. Joe or Mary Beercan get in the “To Go” line. I can tell they don’t want “to go”, they are going to eat there. Nope, there are cash registers right there, that’s where we’re ordering. I’m too busy to lift my gaze off the floor or out of the menu to discern where I’m supposed to be.

Also, at the deli: have a goal. The walkways are narrow but inevitably, there will be some slackass just standing there with their finger in their mouth and an empty cup in the other hand, just staring into space. “Excuse me” say I. No response. What is this person doing? At that moment in time, what is the result they are looking for. Worse, the person moving in a roughly sideways manner, not even looking. Worst, someone backing up. It’s like… it’s like little windup toys that og put in a pan to watch them randomly move around and bump into each other.

When the light turns green, go. Of course, after a quick glance to see if the traffic has stopped but once you’ve decided to go, go. It tears me up for the light to turn green and the first person in line simply takes their foot off the gas and speeds off in what ever “idle” is, somewhere around 2 or 3 mph. I’m sorry, I consider this greatly inconsiderate for the line of cars behind you. I’m not asking anyone to speed, I’m not asking anyone to burn out the tires. We all drive cars with at least 120 hp, there is no reason you can’t be up to 20 in 5 seconds. How fast you go after that is your business. Just please get on it.

Stadiums, racetracks, etc. Ever see people get to the end of the portal to the venue and just stop. Just stop. Looking at the field/track/whatever while foot traffic behind them comes to a complete stand still. Hey, I understand being in awe of a tracks size or a fields beauty and can be content looking at it in a state of unuse for long periods of time myself, but from my seat where I am not a hinderance to anyone.

Downtown festivals, the Disney World of the wandering, mindless drones. Although they are given additional weapons, strollers. Have you seen these fucking things? I’ve pictures of me in a stroller. It was as wide and as tall as I was, when I stood up. Holy shit these things are big. Double wide. Double long. “EXCUSE ME” scream these women (or men, but usually those 30 something moms). Well, I guess they do have a purpose so maybe they don’t belong in this thread. But the other people. Where are you going? You’re moving so why don’t you look in that general direction instead of spinning aroung with your hands out like a 6 year old girl in a daisy field, knocking into my elbow, spilling my beer. Then, nothing. Not a “sorry”, or “oops!”. Nuttin. Hell, if I bump into someone, I apologize profusely “Oh shit, sorry about that man!”. And heaven forbid I spill their beer, it’s to the beer truck I go to get another. Not these people. I guess the crowd and music are sensory overload rendering normal movement and thought useless.

I could go on, but I won’t. I just ask you all, be aware of your surroundings, have a purpose and please be aware and considerate of your fellow man.

Thank you, and god bless America.

Bruce, that was a thing of beauty (and well said - I was complaining about this in another thread just a minute ago). If you’re ever in Chicago, please look me and Mr2U up - we would both be honored to buy you a beer!

You sir, need to learn to unwind.

Martial Artists and Zen practitioners have a word for it - it’s called being Mindful.