Living in TV Land: William Shatner

This was fantastic and to think I almost missed it! Don’t they advertise these things. In general, I’m not into TV Land going off their intended route into original programming, but I absolutely loved this episode with William Shatner.

Oh, Link:

and it looks to be fun all the way around. Shatner is such a survivor and will try anything (I don’t know if he’s an attention whore–he doesn’t seem like one) and is so grounded in accepting he is who he is, it doesn’t matter to him how it comes off.
This episode taught me that Shatner is dedicated to being the best, happiest, and most interesting guy he can be and to hell with anyone who thinks there’s anything wrong with that.

I actually have new respect for the guy.

And I think I’m going to buy the Ben Folds Album – I never thought I’d say that.

Can’t wait for the Adam West and Davey Jones Episodes – Where’s Barbara Eden and Dawn Wells, they need to do this!

No. You’re going to buy the Shatner album (as produced by Ben Folds). Give in to Shatner. You know you want to.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Shatner’s *Has Been * was probably the best album of 2004, or at the very least, the most fun. Hell, it introduced me, a lifelong music fan, to Joe Jackson, so how bad can it possibly be?

Strangely enough I do – he’s gonna have fun, do what he wants, and go out riding a rocket.

We could all use a little Shatner chutzpah! I actually kindof envy him this.

Is that the same Joe Jackson who wrote Old Time Rock 'n Roll? I’d never heard of him either. He was featured in Last of the Mississippi Jukes, a Starz documentary, which I was watching last night.

I didn’t know Shatner had a TVLand show. I thought the thread was about the How Star Trek Changed the World program (on Discovery or somewhere). Shatner’s narrating that one.


I doubt it; I suspect he’s talking about this Joe Jackson, cruelly and best known (mostly incorrectly) as an Elvis Costello wannabe.

And as far as I can tell Old Time Rock 'n Roll was written by its original performer, Bob Seger.

Yes and yes.

I’m just astonished by the fact that as of yesterday he’s 75.

:eek: He certainly doesn’t look 75.

:eek: They lied then. Although this seems to give credit to a Jackson.

All the other Google hits say Seger wrote it.


Off to the TV Land website to see when they will be replaying this.

As a long time admirer of all things Shatner (some would say it’s an obsession), I can’t believe I missed it!!! :smack: