LJ is working again!

Yay! I am so happy to see that the LiveJournal servers are working again that I feel moved to celebrate it here on the SDMB.

Everyone, go update your LJs!

As my way of celebration and supplication to the Great Gods of the Internet, I offer up one LJ code:


Hon, it’s still not working for everyone. I still can’t get in. Trying now. I had some brief moments of LJ light last night, but for the most part, it’s still down. No update as to when it’s going to be back up according to the LJ Status Page either.

Sorry. :frowning:

[sub]I’m seriously jonsing without my LJ, too.[/sub]

You’re kidding! It’s working perfectly for me now, after an hour of nonfunctionality. Do you have a paid account? Maybe that’s it.

I have a paid account, and I can’t log in. However, I received an email for a response to a post.

Hm, I guess I’m just an extremely lucky person (watch LJ crash utterly now). I think it must be the code I offered up to the Internet Gods.

Yep. I’ve got a paid account. I had the same thing happen last night. Worked perfectly… was able to see my friends, my journal, into individual posts… then BWAM! Nothing again. I’ve just been keeping an eye on the status page in the hopes that whoever is screwing with LJ decides to STOP so I can get in and have my posty-goodness!

(Which reminds me, once I get back in, I need to add you. I’ve been meaning to since NYC, and keep forgetting… :()

Seems to be off and on. I’m paid and I managed to get one entry in anyway.

Well, I’m adopting this thread then. It’s now an LJ for everyone.

It’s 36 degrees F here in Ann Arbor, and everyone is crowing about the heat wave. The snow is melting and the sun is out! I am very tired, and annoyed at my coworkers who keep bringing in the tempting, tempting junk food.

Ah well, if this is our temporary LJ then…

I got off my ass yesterday and took the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator. I also did a brisk 3-mile walk last night.

You asked for it!

It’s gorgeous out but I’m in some pain. Had some dental work done and my mouth is quite sore. My kitten has discovered she loves jello so we split a cup. I don’t have to work today as I asked for the rest of the day to recover so I’ll be relaxin’ as best I can. I’m currently waiting for an email then I’ll go make some soup.

Oooh, I am so jealous of you! I can’t wait til it is warm enough to go on a nice walk round these parts. It has been so cold this winter that short walks are incredibly exhausting, what with my body using all of its energy to keep me from freezing to death.

Ah, that’s the beauty of this. I did the walk indoors. It was too chilly to walk outdoors so I popped in a video and did the walk in my living room. Worked up a good sweat too.

Oh lord. I have no excuse now.

Actually, for exercise, I have recently been skipping imaginary rope. I don’t have a real rope, but it’s pretty much the same anyway, except that my feet never get tangled up. (Fortunately, I have yarn all over my apartment that I get my feet tangled up in all the time to take its place.) Very good exercise.

This is why I like my co-workers…

My buddy Stan is a real East Texas good old boy, where “good” is not said sarcastically. He was at the coffee machine, and a woman asked for a pen to open the sugar. He took the sugar and punched it open with his thumb.

Then said “Damn, I broke a nail”
So I quipped, “There goes the manicure!”
And he shot back “Yep, $50 down the drain”.

Fwiw, I think that some people can log into LJ and some are being blocked. Thats what I got out the update on status.livejournal.com, it sounds like 1/4 of the internet can’t get on. Home access wasn’t working, but work access was.

Anyhow, I got new license plates in the mail last night, made my day at least.

Hi FairyChatMom!

:: waves ::

BTW, LJ is still working fine here.

Kyla, you just HAVE to keep rubbing it in, don’t you?! :wink:

Today’s a boring day for me. Doing laundry. Cleaning the bedroom. Maybe cleaning the kitchen. Maybe making a pot roast. Does anyone have a good recipe for a pot roast, btw? I was going to do it in the crock-pot.

No, and I need to get Mom to send me hers.

The easiest crock-pot roast recipe I know is slice up some onions, potatos and carrots and place in the bottom os pot. Rub the roast with pepper and place on top of vegetables. Add 1 envelope onion soup mix, mixed with 1.5 cups water, pour over roast. If you don’t have the soup mix, use a can of french onion soup. Cook on low for 6 hous. The beef will just fall apart, very moist and tender.

LJ works fine for me, too.