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Well, LiveJournal’s been down for, oh, must be a half hour at least now. I’m thinking about ending it all. Oh, the humanity, why hast god forsaken me?


Repent for your wicked deeds! Yes, on your knees and repent! Yes! There, right there…

Demo and Nen, sittin in a tree…K.i.s.s.i.n.g!

Thilly boyths! You don’t have to fight over me!

Yeah! He wants you to fight under him!

Well, just add Demo to Nen’s List of 32.

And here I thought Nen was gonna die in a freakish auto-fellatio attempt.

FYI, LJ is back up. They lost my account in the crash. Fucking fuck fuck fuck.

I feel your pain. What am I supposed to do without my hourly fix? Read the paper? Puh leeze!

It’s been up and down for a while. Last I checked they had a two day old back up working.

I’m glad to see I’m not losing my mind.

I’ve been trying to get in there all morning. It just let me in and my page design is all funky. And I’m missing entries from the last few days.

I plan to OD on something and hold them responsible.


Just my fucking luck…I pay for my account 2 days ago, and Live Journal breaks. :sigh:

at the moment, my custom styles have been lost as well as all my entries since October 21


The lack of LJ is killing me!

Someone get a rope!

Pooh! I was all ready to enter another magnum opus today, too.

I was just going to go post nude pictures of myself. I guess I won’t, now.

:::breaks down into big gulping sobs:::

I start my journal just a few days ago, and everything is gone! Gone, I tell you!

I’m going to drown my sorrows in sweet, sweet booze.

Finally managed to break through a few minutes ago. I was pleased to see that my most recent entry was there. But I logged in again to see my friends list and it was acting all grouchy again and wouldn’t let me.

I could really, really use LJ right now.

And MrC, that is so… incidentally freaky.

Will this torture never end?

They are copying files. Site should be back soon. I can’t believe how addicted I am.

It’s still down? THIS SUCKS.