Livejournal, anyone?

I just recently started using my long-dormant LJ account for more than just posting comments to other people’s journals, and thought I’d see if anyone else around here is on LJ and feels like sharing their info. Found a few old threads on the topic, but 1) they’re old and therefore possibly out of date, and 2) reviving them would be a violation of the No Zombification rule.

Anyway, I’m mswhatsit there as well.

I’ve been more active lately. Almost a post every day for the past week instead of the five I’ve been averaging every month.

It’s the first link in my signature.

I’m on LJ, but probably 90% of my posts are “friends only”. I tend to be a fairly private person, so I’m not entirely sure that I want to post my username there, other than to say that it contains my username here as part of it.

Then again, I’m on ENworld as Chimera too. So I’m not all that hard to find if you want me.

The Big Book Of Things Man Was Not Meant To Know

Note that many of the entries are written using code, wordplay and symbolism to hide what I’m actually talking about. This way I don’t have to lock entries, but only those who know me will understand.

I’m a_t_rain at LJ (most of the non-Harry Potter-fannish entries are f-locked, but if you friend me and you don’t seem like a psycho, I’ll friend back when I notice).

Just call me Mister Rik.

I don’t post there a whole lot. For a while I was posting synopses of Seattle Mariners games, but I got bored with that. I’ll occasionally spout my opinions on things, or share things I’ve found one YouTube or elsewhere.

I’m drainbead there too. I don’t post too terribly often anymore, and I’ve been f-locked since something like 2003. But I’m there, and I read my friends list constantly.

Ooops! Posted under wrong username.

Okay, now that I’m under the right username…

I post under Nashiitashii at LiveJournal (and almost everywhere else). Most of my entries are friends only, so my non-friends-only entries are going to be pretty boring or silly or really incredibly neutral news stories. Friend me and I’ll consider adding to my friends list, as I edit, add, and subtract often there.

I’m msrobyn there, too, but all of my posts are f-locked by default. None of my posts involve matters I wouldn’t want my mother to know about, but I’ve been friended by enough random people that I just want to make sure I know the people on my friends list. I will friend people from the SDMB.


I’m the same name…pretty much everywhere I go.

My livejournal is under the username “dareva,” and it’s friends-only, but I will friend SDMB folks if they friend me. I can’t promise anything that interesting, though.

Same name there as here. Haven’t been posting much this year, but maybe it’s time to be more active again.

My LJ name is meowhouse. I don’t post a huge amount except in communities, most of which are f-locked. My own entries are some f-locked, some not, but there aren’t many of them in total.

Think Pink… I have been posting since January of 2004. Most of my posts are not f-locked. I put up musings, silliness, op-eds, media, and links to funny/odd/poignant things.

If you’re a filthy pervert like me, there is my LJ Community. All NSFW material there is behind cuts.

I am, as always, Spatial Rift 47.

I’m msmcknittington on LJ, and I post sporadically. It’s mostly knitting/costuming stuff, so there’s not much day-to-day drama. I do read my friends-list, though, and comment where appropriate.

i’m severe_delays. Link in my sig. I post every couple of days usually and for the most part its work-related stories.

I’ve seen your name mentioned by one of our mutual friends. Can’t remember who, though. I am Gingy there.

I’ve had LJ for years.

Here’s me now:

Some posts are f-locked. It’s actually a new-ish journal, but I post pretty frequently. I always love making new friends. I’ve noticed they make fun of LJ quite heavily here on the Dope, but I love it. I would keep a journal anyways; might as well do it online and make some friends in the process.