Lo-Cal, Tastes Great?

Is there a such thing as a low-calorie beer that actually does taste good? I sometimes drink bud or coors light, simply because I feel I’ve overdone the calories recently - but I don’t particularly like them. Now, I’m not a beer snob - I just don’t really care for any beer that is light in color. Something as humble as a Killian’s Irish Red will make me quite happy. But nutrition info doesn’t seem to be printed on these brands - and I don’t know how to find which one is best in terms of calories. Anyone know offhand?

Well, the only way to drink good beer and get less calories that I know of is to drink less beer. However, I wouldn’t recommend this, its pretty drastic (not as drastic as coors light though).

You do raise a good question though:
Is there anything about the way lite beer is made that stops you from using like a darker malt? Or do they make 'em light because people think light = lite?

Try an Amstel Light, made by Heineken. It is the only light beer I’ll drink.

How about Zima? Tasty.

Oh, handy, that is so low!

Is Amstel light lite? As in calories?

It had better be, 'cause they’re sure as hell claiming that it is.

Hey, is Amstel Light only available in the U.S.? I remember vaguely the last time I was in Amsterdam (vaguely because it was almost 20 years ago and because I was stoned pretty much all the way through it) that the two main brews available in the bars were Heineken and Amstel…no mention of “Light” after the Amstel.

Aside to Cooper: If you want to ask a beer question, be sure to put “beer” in the topic headline somewhere. Trust me, you’ll get ten times the number of responses.


Nope, my first introduction to Amstel Light was in Greece. It’s everywhere there - Heinekin, too. And it is light. I believe the label says it’s 90 calories for one beer. It’s pretty good!

Don’t you remember the old Radio adds for Amstel?

{sugary singing voice}
95 calories
never tasted so imported
til they
imported Amstel Light
{/sugary singing voice}

It’s one of those tunes that gets stuck in my head so frequently that I have developed a specific song antidote - Up on Cripple Creek.

If men had wings,
and bore black feathers,
few of them would be clever enough to be crows.

  • Rev. Henry Ward Beecher

I’ve had Amstel Light in Cancun, Mexico, too. It costs like sin, but it is available at the better restaurants.

“A bird in the hand is the Devil’s workshop; it is the goose that laid the bad apple.” - TennHippie

UncleBeer - thanks! I have actually drunk Amstel Light several times and I remember it as being quite acceptable. I had just forgotten about it.

Okay, I phrased my question poorly. What I MEANT to ask was, is the Amstel you get in Holland a light beer, or is it just the ordinary fattening stuff?

I ask because I drank it and enjoyed it there, and never bother with it here in America, as I do not care for light beer.

Coldfire could answer this in a jiffy, but I don’t imagine he opens “lo-cal” threads.


For everything you want to know and a bunch of crap you don’t wnat to know about the Amstel family of beers.

Amstel Homepage
Amstel Products

Another “light” I’ve recently become partial to is Southpaw Light. You can get a 12 pack of bottles for around $6 (in Atlanta, anyway). It’s around 5.2 or 5.3 in alcohol content, IIRC, and it’s quite drinkable. Not fantastic, by any means–But try to find another cheap, high alcohol content, bottled, palatable light beer.