Loaning my Body to Science

Can it be done? Where do I find out about it?

I saw a guy on “Leeza” who got paid $50,000 to be “killed” and then resecu-… resuci-… brought back to life. Of course, he had to sign a release, but for $50,000 AND a glimpse at the Other Side, I’d take the chance.

I’m not sure about flatlining, but you can be hired for lot’s of medical test. look in the paper or backs of magazines. Austin Tx has a big fascility. that’s how Robert Rodriquez funded El Mariachi, his first movie.

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Talk to the people at Leeza.

Metroshane - What’s the name of that facility in Austin, TX? Can you send me a copy of Austin’s Sunday paper? I’ll send you a money order for S & H, if you like.

I will certainly look, but probably won’t be able to respond for a day or two.

We’re all here, because we’re not all there!

Nobody who ever really died lived to tell about it.

Rastahomie, I believe the place you’d be looking for in Austin, TX (just moved from there last year) is PPD Pharmaco (they recently changed their name to PPD Development). They do Phase I clinical safety testing for drugs on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.

Basically, they inject you with a small amount of a new drug which has at least been proven save in all kinds of animal models, and they let you hang out, watch tv, play pool, etc., then report back to them if you have any problems a short while later. The idea being that rats, cats, monkeys, etc. can’t tell you if they have a headache, diziness, nausea (without vomitting), lack of appetite, etc., but people can. I’ve heard they pay upwards of $500 for some extended studies where you let them poke and prod you for a weekend.

You don’t have to go to just PPD Pharmaco. Most CROs (contract research organizations) do similar studies (though PPD Pharmaco advertises heavily in Austin, TX to the college crowd who they know are strapped for cash). You might want to look for branches of other big ones in your area such as: Quintiles Transnational (the world’s largest), Covance, Parexel, Kendle International, IBAH, and a host of others.

Another good way I used to make cash when I was in college (which involved a lot less poking with needles) was to sign up for psychology experiments. They were usually about a half hour long, and paid $5 a pop, often for nothing more than having you take a survey, or give answers about shapes or patterns that were displayed. I’d do it between classes and have way more than enough beer money by the end of the week.

Just thought of another:

The other big one I remember from the Austin area was SciRex, which did studies on pain medications for dentistry, but as I recall they were always looking for people who needed their wisdom teeth removed or a root canal, and they would offer to do it free provided you’d try their medication.

somebody beat me on the pharmaco info, but here’s the number 512/555-8984. i’m sure just about any college town has something like this. my roommate donates plasma about twice a week, 20.00 a pop

We’re all here, because we’re not all there!

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Just make sure you don’t go to DrugCo if you are in the Cleveland area. I hear they do some really weird testing. You could end up a mutant.