Lobster Broth - Now what?

Lobsters for Christmas Eve dins, thanks to a timely tip from Zoid about the excellent prices to be found at “Super H Mart.”

So, I’ve boiled up the carcasses, shells and a good hunk of roe, and added in the soaking butter.

Now what?

I know I could add some sherry and cream and just basically drink it, but do you guys have any more creative ideas for a fairly strong, buttery, lobster broth?

There are limits to what you can do with lobster stock. Bisque is the go to dish. You can freeze some to use with whatever your next lobster dish is. You can use it to flavor lobster mac n’ cheese. You can make meatless lobster cakes. Stir in an egg and add it to a bowl full of bread cubes. Mix in some seasonings and form patties to fry up.

Next time bake everything. Grind it up and mix it with butter to make a lobster base. This takes up less space and you can control the intensity of the flavor in your dishes.

You can thicken some of it with a roux and some half and half, stir in some bay scallops, shrimp and crab leg pieces, season with a little onion or garlic or tarragon, top with buttered bread crumbs and run it under the broiler for little individual gratinees. Serve for New Year’s Day with lemon slices, crusty bread and a tart green salad.

I mean, why not go all out? And a couple of crab legs and a half a pound of shrimp, scallops will more than serve four as rich as this is.

If your guests are still hungry, give them lotsa tapioca for dessert as a sort of re-entry to the non-holiday part of life. Heh.

It’s also quite excellent in a seafood risotto.