Local ATV Quad Forums/Places to ride?

I recently purchased a new ATV (2000 Scrambler 500) and I’m looking to get involved in clubs and find places to ride. In my part of Pennsylvania (just outside Philadelphia) there are very few legal places to ride a quad. The closest seems to be in NJ, there is a large ATV park there but it runs $50 a day (for non-members) and from what I hear is mostly sand. I picked up brochures and stuff from a Yamaha dealer in the area but they all are a long drive from where I am (mostly in the Poconos which is a minimum 2 hour ride).

So I’m looking for message boards and organizations where I could meet people who know where I can take my quad without having it impounded and me ticketed. A guy up the road told me he got about $2000 worth of fines because he was riding in an area he shouldn’t have been in. I’d love to avoid trouble but at the same time I need a place close by that won’t charge an arm and a leg (if at all).

I’d check with the local ATV shops - didn’t the place you bought it from have some literature on clubs and/or trails?

Other than that, I’m not sure. What a hassle not to be able to ride locally! 'Round here, you can ride almost everywhere. Out my door is at least 100 miles of trails, if not more.

Ugh, must be nice! The police around here only get hired if they have a special 6th sense that allows them to find ATV riders. Seriously, law enforcement in PA seem to have a grudge against off road vehicles of every kind.

I didn’t buy it from a shop, got it from a friend of a friend. I did check the shop and he had some info but as I mentioned its all quite a distance from where I live.