Local Restaurant Recommendation in NJ or E. PA

Need answer fast. :slight_smile:

Can anybody recommend a good local non-chain restaurant somewhere in far eastern PA or anywhere in NJ? We’re making a sudden road trip and sometime late morning or midday tomorrow (July 17th) we’ll be passing through that area. I hope we can get a good recommendation by 7AM EDT, that’s when we’re getting on the road and I’ll want to set my route into the GPS navigation then.

It can’t be anyplace that requires reservations or has a formal dress code; we’ll be in casual clothing and not dressing up. Also, it can’t be pizza, Italian, or Mexican, nor anyplace that has seafood, cheese or cheese-stock in the majority of items on the menu.

Sure I’ll pick one at random. Lambertville Station. Then you can wander around Lambertville or walk across the bridge to New Hope Pa.

I was in Lancaster, PA, about a month ago and had a marvelous dinner at Hunger N Thirst. Fancy & pricey.

The appetizer of two soft-boiled eggs on a bed of puy lentils and spring peas with fresh herbs was imaginative and delicious.

Anywhere in NJ, eh?

You can try my town, Montclair NJ, lots of nice places here. All in the same walkable area we have:

Dai Kichi - The most popular Sushi restaurant in town
Turtle and the Wolf - New American Bistro, pricey
Takara Asian Bistro - More Sushi, but across the street
TS MA - Classy Chinese fare
DeNovo European Pub - I think this is some sort of new European Pub
Toros Turkish Cuisine - natch
SLA Thai
Toro Sushi - yet more sushi
Brick Lane Curry - a little down the street and can get crowded, but it’s nice.

Stay away from Uptown 596 Bistro, I had dinner there a month or two ago and it sucked.

Edited to add, sorry about not seeing the “no seafood” request, I guess our plethora of sushi restaurants is a no-go.

Rutt’s Hut.

If you’re passing near Newtown, PA, I can recommend the State Street Kitchen. The food is good, the prices are reasonable, and you can get things from a great omelette with to-die-for bacon to Bi Bim Bop. They open at 7 a.m.

NJ is the diner capital of the world. Nearly every town has a local diner and many of them can be great. Do you know where in Jersey you will be?

Colonial Diner on Route 18 North in East Brunswick, NJ




If you find yourself on I-80 at the PA/NJ border, try the Walpack Inn.

Ha! I grew up in the town next to East Brunswick. That was a favorite place to go late night in high school (~1988)

I will second Lambertville Station.

So did I. I’ll bet it’s the same town.
Are you a River Rat?

I was going to mention them, but they appear to only be open on the weekend.

Certainly not! But I was acquainted with a few. I was a Spotswoodian. Potswood, as it was. Actually now that I am remembering, it WAS the River Rat friends of mine that would go to the Colonial. We tended to go the the Seville.

Isn’t that a lot fancier than he’s asking for?

I can highly recommend Matthews Diner in Waldwick, NJ. Just a short drive from 17.

Thanks for all the recs, everybody. We had to make our choice and set our route between VA and NY by 7am and get on the road then. Our route was pretty flexible.

My passenger with the seafood and cheese allergies recoiled in horror when she checked the menus of some of those early suggestions. We chose State Street Kitchen and really liked it. We just finished here and time to get back on the road.

Whoo-hoo! :smiley:

Meow meow - I wonder if we knew each other way back when. I also grew up in one of the towns right next to East Brunswick and was in high school around the same time you were.

And the Colonial Diner - wow. I haven’t thought of or been to that place in ages,but I remember it well from when I was a kid.

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Hot Dog Johnny’s

We liked the Greyhound Cafe. Also, their profits support dog rescue.